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Month: September 2015

Why chastity? Because it’s fun

Why chastity? Because it’s fun

An online friend recently passed away after a two-year battle with cancer. I never did meet him IRL, but he was an important part of our online community so I do feel some sense of loss. We had friends in common (both IRL and online).

On the same day, I was told that all my childhood toys, all the artwork I kept from before I was 13, essays, books and notebooks, photo albums… all those things are gone. All the memories from the one happy part of my life before I met Mr Kitty. All gone.

He never saw any of those things. My kids will never see them either. All that’s left is an original green Game Boy, which I brought with me on the plane back when I started getting panic attacks.

I don’t want to be defined by a relationship with a man, but that’s inevitable when I only managed to start living my life again once I met him.

I’m very grateful that I met him. I can’t imagine that there would be someone else out there with the same kinks and with similar interests: overlapping, but different enough that we don’t get bored of each other. Same outlook on life. Hell, even our professional skills are complementary, despite being different.

There was a time when he didn’t seem to be sure that I wanted to continue with chastity. I think he was afraid that I’d realise how weird he was. He was definitely treading very carefully. This was early on, when I was trying to learn the ropes but I was really interested in how it all worked. We were still going out in secret (less romantic than it sounds!) so that in itself was difficult. Keeping the relationship going was challenging, and even more so when adding such a physical kink which had to be kept more secret than the relationship itself. At the time, I was getting over the most boring relationship imaginable, ended in the most theatrical, melodramatic, horrifically prolonged beak-up in the history of my love life. Looking back, I guess I was a serial dater and that particular relationship was the most serious (and most boring) I’d had up until then. So meeting Mr Kitty and being introduced to his fantasy of chastity was so much fun.

I’m not a patient person and idleness isn’t my thing, so I’ve kept busy helping Mr Kitty with his business. It’s been a lot more fun than I expected. Conventional wisdom says that you shouldn’t work with your partner, and I would tend to agree. But I might make an exception for a while and continue helping him. After all, I’m not working directly with him, in the same office or anything. Just providing help with the bits that I’ve more of a talent for than he does. It’s been great so far! And so exciting!

To be honest, I think that’s what attracted me to Mr Kitty in the first place. Life with him is never boring. I hate being bored because life is too short to waste it not doing anything.

That’s also why I like keeping him locked up. It helps prevent our relationship from becoming boring as hell. I guess that goes for any kink, but this one is mine…

…and it shall be my Squishy.


Orgasm control and the endless sex session

Orgasm control and the endless sex session

Kittyslave orgasms: 1

4 to go.

Yes, I’ve been feeling really fuzzy and horny and everything else lately, which has resulted in a ridiculous amount of sex. I blame it on Mr Kitty’s parents’ absence. I’m also not used to being around Mr Kitty for that many hours, so maybe that had an effect too! He’s been trying his best to sync his sleep pattern with mine while I’m enjoying these glorious days of not doing anything remotely productive, and even though it still feels a little weird, it’s actually quite nice to have some proper free time together. Which, of course, makes me horny and leads to sex. *cough* I mean, love-making…


In all this time he’s been allowed to cum only once. I’m amazed at his ability to hold back these days! It used to not be like that. He never came prematurely or anything, but I couldn’t realistically expect him to go on for a long time without losing quality, getting soft, or finishing. We’ve tried to come up with a reason for him to have improved so much, and the only thing we can think of is the regular edging. I noticed that the time that he came, he continued on with sex without any visible discomfort, and without losing the hard-on at all. I don’t know how I never noticed before. The other times, when he wasn’t allowed to orgasm, we had sex until I was completely sexed out. He definitely enjoyed it, but without struggling against a need to orgasm.

A quick Google search for “edging and premature ejaculation” shows that, apparently, edging to combat premature ejaculation is actually a thing. It makes sense, but I never really thought about it. I guess I also never noticed Mr Kitty’s ability to continue fucking me after he cums because I rarely let him get there, and if I do, my goal is specifically being filled with cum, not so much getting several orgasms.

I unlocked him each time, putting him back in the cage, so his cock was all safe where it belongs. Well, except for a little injury, anyway. Mr Kitty managed to hurt himself with his PA in such a way that the only symptom appeared when he put the chastity device back on. The symptom? A sensation of being in the middle of peeing. He found it disconcerting because he had to keep checking that he was, in fact, still dry. Thinking back, the cause was one slightly-too-forceful thrust with a badly positioned piercing. The solution was avoiding the PA attachment of the chastity device for a day. It’s amazing how quickly a penile injury can heal.

Looking fuckable.
Looking fuckable.

All’s well that ends well.


Arghhh family!!!

Arghhh family!!!

Woah I have free time again! Yay!!! After having the busiest time ever (ever!!!) I’m way too excited about finally being on my summer holiday. Yes, I realise that autumn starts this month, and the autumn weather has already started, but I’m going to pretend that it’s summer forever anyway. Or at least until I start my postgrad in October. I can’t wait!!!

We had Mr Kitty’s parents over for a while. I’m lucky that my in-laws are lovely and never try to meddle in our life… but also unlucky because due to living in different countries, any visits must be at least a few days long. This would be fine if I had the gift of hospitality, but I don’t. I can usually pretend that I’m not shy with other people, but for some reason that doesn’t work with my in-laws and, given our history, I feel very uncomfortable around them. But hey, at least they’re some of the nicest people ever. It could be much worse.

Unfortunately, with me finishing up at work and with Mr Kitty’s parents around all the time, very little sexing happened, of any kind. I don’t understand how there’s couples out there who choose to live with parents. I mean, no offence to anyone, but I personally couldn’t do it. We had to hide sex toys, harnesses, etc., and essentially change our daily routine while they were here, because our daily lives revolve so much around each other that accommodating other people into our lives for more than a few days can be a little challenging. I suspect it would be easier if we were a conventional vanilla couple. There’d probably be fewer instances of having to stop myself from giving him the occasional ass grope,  lest his mum sees it! I’m definitely feeling a lot of sympathy for kinky couples with children.

Either way, Mr Kitty is still locked up and still hasn’t had an orgasm. And no, I don’t think five orgasms in the four months that are left in the year is lenient. It’s certainly not strict, but considering my occasional need for being filled with cum, I think it’s a perfectly adequate number. I’m not going to have unprotected sex with someone other than Mr Kitty, so his cum will have to do.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my rediscovered freedom! I’m not fully sure that Mr Kitty can say the same thing though. He’s getting groped and fingered like a girl a lot more than usual, and lately if I lick the ‘seam’ on his balls, he gets hard and squirmy almost instantly. It’s so much fun. ^_^



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