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Month: December 2015

Woah, it’s New Year’s Eve already!

Woah, it’s New Year’s Eve already!

Our first Christmas dinner together and without family was a success. Our post-Christmas dinner sexy times… not so much.

As I predicted, we got seriously stuffed and needed a break of a few hours before we could try to do anything remotely physical. To wait it out, we cuddled up on the sofa and watched a TV series. It was really nice to be able to have some quiet time instead of the usual Christmassy family activity that I find so stressful. It was so nice that we both fell asleep. >_>

We did move to bed eventually but we were too sleepy and food-coma’d to be able to do anything sexy, so we left it to the next day. Unfortunately, my body becomes the most unpredictable thing if left to its own devices, so of course I had to get my period! To say that I can’t wait to be back on hormonal contraception would be an understatement. Since Mr Kitty doesn’t do period sex, that option was out. And since I wasn’t feeling sexy in any way, I also didn’t feel like letting him have an orgasm either, ruined or not. So that was that.

Tomorrow (or rather, today, as it’s 4am here) is New Year’s Eve and I’m not sure I’ll end up giving him an orgasm in the end. Four out of five isn’t that bad, right? Should I be feeling guilty? I’d do something nice for him on the first day of the year, but we’re flying out to visit family and it’s unlikely I’ll have any time alone with him until we’re back in a few days.

At least there was teasing. I found out that I can fit both of his balls in my mouth. That made him wet like a girl! He gets leaky with precum very easily, and the expectation of getting an orgasm soon made him get wet way quicker than usual. I’m very impressed with his self-control, considering that he’s been unlocked all this time and yet he’s somehow managed to survive plenty of hard-ons without trying to wank or even touch himself, letting me do it instead. I feel like I’m teaching him well.

It’s looking unlikely that I’ll be able to lock him up as soon as we’re back from our family visit. The ingrown hair he appeared to have in a dodgy place seemed to be going away… before it came back even worse. Due to its placement, the ring of the chastity device would hurt him so I’ll have to leave him unlocked until he gets that sorted. I don’t think it’s an ingrown hair anymore; he seems to be getting similar things in other parts of his body and that can be a reaction to one of his medications. He’ll get it checked by his doctor when we’re back home.

I can’t believe it’s already the end of 2015. I don’t do postmortems but I can say that this was, overall, a really good year. I also don’t do new years resolutions because I don’t like to do things I’m not good at, but I’ll accept suggestions if they don’t involve weight loss or learning a new language!

As far as my online life goes, I’m really glad I started this blog, even if I mainly use it for random thoughts and ranting. I hope someone finds it useful, at least in some tiny way.

Happy new year everyone! And don’t get too drunk!


PS: On reading this post, Mr Kitty’s only comment was: “It seems a bit too convenient that I don’t get my fifth orgasm!”



I have a confession to make: I used to hate Christmas. My parents made an effort but I didn’t really see the point. I don’t think I’m wired to expect gifts from people so for me it was all about the food. My mum, my sister and I would spend the morning cooking (though really, I did most of the cooking) and then we’d have dinner and our annual Christmas family argument. Yeah…

Then I met Mr Kitty and he fixed Christmas for me! Along with giving me about a million different things every year. I’ve already opened my four latest Christmas presents from him, at his request, because he knows I feel awkward making surprised faces. I got him one thing and that was a struggle. He’s one of those people who are amazing gift-givers but very difficult to buy gifts for. He refused to open the present until Christmas day because he’s traditional like that, and since this year I didn’t go for ‘thoughtful’, opting for ‘hopefully useful’ instead, I really, really hope he actually likes it. >_<

For various reasons we’ll be having Christmas by ourselves this year. That’s never happened before, but I was actually looking forward to it. We have seven side dishes and two mains (vegetarian and not). The über rich, boozy chocolate mousse cake, topped with ganache, is somehow still intact. I’m proud of myself.

I’ve unlocked him for today for maximum teasing, but I’m not planning on letting him have his last orgasm of the year yet. I almost feel tempted to give him a ruined orgasm instead… Either way, his last orgasm won’t be in me the way I like because I’m off contraception until January at least, so no getting filled with cum. Regardless, I’ve taken out a few toys to have them handy in case I feel like using them later tonight, and we’ll have fun no matter what. Me more than him probably, especially if I end up giving him a ruined orgasm (the idea is sounding better and better in my head). Should a ruined orgasm count as his 5th and last orgasm? Hmmm.

Considering how long it’ll take for us to be able to move after all the food, I have a long time to think about it yet. Christmas is all about food family, and Mr Kitty is essentially my new family, so I’ll do what feels right when I get to it.

Can’t wait for the cake.


I wish you all an amazing, fun-filled and delicious Christmas! ^_^

Yes, we have an unconventional relationship

Yes, we have an unconventional relationship

Some time last year I decided to go back to college and finally get my masters. It seemed like a great idea. I love engineering, I knew I could get into a decent university very easily with my degree and professional experience, and I’d have a great time being a student again. I look younger than I am and wouldn’t have any problems socialising with my younger classmates. It would be fun!

I was right on most of those counts, except I’d forgotten just how much work an engineering degree actually takes. More than that: I feel like I should have appreciated my good, steady salary better before I gave it up for a life of busy weekdays and busy weekends. I’m in love with the project I will be doing (seriously, it really is awesome). Since I had most of my modules this term, I’m currently a little overwhelmed by the coursework, but next term I’ll barely have any contact hours and will therefore be focusing on my incredibly, wonderfully, unbelievably amazing project. Argh, I can’t wait!

Bear with me; I swear I have a point here.

Where was I? Oh, steady salary. I gave up a good salary to do the masters, but I didn’t want to rely on Mr Kitty for everything because that wouldn’t be fair, so I took a waitressing job at a local hotel. The work is as hard as expected but it’s oddly liberating to know that even if you mess up, the worst that can happen is that a customer might be slightly unhappy for a day or so. I’m more used to knowing that if I mess up I might cause someone’s death. No real-life consequences is definitely a plus.

I found a bigger plus: young, unattached, Eastern European men.

Before we moved here, I had a crazy Russian friend who was up for everything in bed. He was my best fuck ever, and it would be hard to top him. He was so into it that I couldn’t help but keep coming back for more. The only times I didn’t meet him for casual sex were when he was in a vanilla relationship. When we moved here he moved back to Russia, removing any chance I could have had of meeting him for fun times together again. I really missed those meet-ups, but have been unable to meet someone as up for it as him.

Until now, I hope.

I’ve been open about my unconventional relationship with people at my current work. I didn’t mention chastity, but they know that we have some sort of open thing going on. As usual, no one really cares all that much and it hasn’t been mentioned again after the typical questions. That is, no one except for one guy.

This guy was flirty with me from the beginning, until he realised that the ring on my finger is an engagement ring. He immediately stopped flirting after that, which is a shame because I love flirting. After he found out that I was allowed and even encouraged by Mr Kitty to meet other people, he was interested again but still seemed a little reluctant to do anything. In the past, I found that many guys will happily have sex with me as long as Mr Kitty isn’t around. They’re scared that he will beat them up or something for having sex with his girlfriend. To me, that can only mean two things: 1) they clearly don’t believe me when I say it’s allowed, and 2) they have no issues with helping me “cheat” as long as they don’t get into trouble. That’s fine for a one-night stand, but not for a fuck buddy.

When I asked my coworker if he was scared of getting into trouble, he said something along the lines of “no, you said he likes it!” Good answer.

His shift pattern has changed so I never see him in work anymore. I gave him my phone number on Facebook (as per his request) and he said he would ring me so I’d have his number. He rang one day and we had a brief chat. In that phone call, I said my usual “we should meet up some time”. His answer was: “As friends or for a quick fuck?”

And that’s why I like Eastern European men. No beating around the bush. I think I’ll keep this one, thanks.

I’ll only be available for anything after Christmas, and there’s a chance that he might go back to his native Romania before I can actually meet him. I really, really hope he stays. If he’s a decent fuck I might have found my new fun crazy friend.

Meanwhile, Mr Kitty is still awaiting his final orgasm of the year. I can’t decide whether it should be reserved for Christmas Eve/Day, well before Christmas so that he can squirm and suffer his full-blown horniness for the remainder of the year, or just before the end of the year so he has the longest possible wait until he gets to cum. Decisions, decisions…

Practical considerations

Practical considerations

I’m not sure how I feel about full-on, 24/7, 365 day chastity. As a concept, it sounds fun in the same way that living in a theme park sounds fun. You can eat all the candy floss in the world! Until you realise that it’s sickly sweet and kind of awful without offsetting it with savoury foods. I know there’s people out there who aim to keep their submissives locked up all the time, but that isn’t for me. I like unlocking Mr Kitty every once in a while because I really love his cock.

I’m going to sound like a bitch, but most times I’ve seen people claiming to keep their subs locked up forever and without any breaks, I just assume they’re lying. Why? Because life still goes on in spite of our kinks, and sometimes there are practical considerations that make chastity devices very inconvenient. I mentioned Mr Kitty’s health issues, but did I mention that I’ve been half dead with a cold for about two weeks? Even then, pausing the use of chastity devices doesn’t only happen when one or both partners are sick, or down, or grieving, or any number of things. If you’ve ever had an ingrown hair grow exactly where the ring of your chastity device hits, you know what I mean. And that is Mr Kitty’s current predicament.

In our case, letting Mr Kitty out of the device is never really a big deal. Some time ago we reached the point where the combination of teasing, cuddling, our respective daily routines and everything else somehow resulted in a very low likelihood that he will wank without permission. He’ll beg to be allowed, but so far he hasn’t slipped in a very long time (it might have happened in the past but if it has, it’s been so long that I can’t remember it). If his willpower isn’t enough he will tell me, though that’s also very rare because he doesn’t really get long enough breaks from the chastity device to have that problem. I like to keep him nicely locked up most of the time unless one of these things happens: sickness, injury, medical checkups and some forms of travel.

Even if I wanted to keep him in his cage for as long as possible, forgoing lovemaking, edging and playing with his cock, I can’t see how I’d be able to achieve that. Our main device is relatively open so everyday cleaning is easy enough, but it’s good to let him out on occasion so he can shave himself better. It’s also sensible to let him out if he has a pimple in an awkward place, or an ingrown hair. Every once in a while he injures himself with the PA while fucking me, and then he has to wear the device without the PA attachment. Realistically, that’s only a step away from being unlocked. I don’t feel guilty for letting him out when it’s necessary.

We’re lucky in that we’ve been doing this for years, so we have sussed out which device fits him well. That alone takes care of the biggest reason most people can’t go very long without getting unlocked. If we were still trying out devices and seeing which one works and which doesn’t, It’s extremely unlikely that I’d be able to keep him locked up for weeks at a time. I feel like those fake stories do a disservice to people who would like to try chastity, but aren’t quite at the point where they would be willing to pay more for a custom device, which may or may not be perfect the first time around.

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