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Month: January 2016

Yeah, but will it shrink?

Yeah, but will it shrink?

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of online talk about chastity-related penile shrinking (r/chastity, I’m looking at you). Having been in the chastity game for almost six years, I thought I’d add my bit to the ‘debate’.

[Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. Don’t take medical advice from me.]

The first time I ever heard that locked-up penises could shrink was after unlocking Mr Kitty from a particularly long stint of chastity. He looked at his cock and asked: “is it still the same size?” The question took me by surprise. Why wouldn’t it be the same size? So he told me that he’d read stories online about penile shrinkage from chastity. I looked at his cock. It was still the same size. Still the same size as my favourite dildo.

That happened about a year into chastity. Five years later, his cock is still the same.

That makes sense though, doesn’t it? The penis has no muscles to atrophy. It’s essentially a stretchy sponge of stretchiness, that swells up when it becomes engorged with blood (during arousal), and that’s about it. With nothing to atrophy, through what chastity-related mechanism could it shrink?

I’ve seen people say that what could happen is a temporary size difference (radial, lengthwise or both), rather than permanent shrinkage, due to a (temporary!) loss of tissue elasticity from lack of frequent stretching. On the other hand, some people report that they get slightly softer erections just after being unlocked. I can confirm that we’ve never experienced either of those issues. If anything, his erections are harder right after being unlocked, probably because he gets extra horny.

Could these issues happen to other people? Permanent shrinkage, I doubt it. Temporary shrinkage or softer erections, maybe, I don’t really know. All I can say is that we’ve never had any size problems: Mr Kitty is definitely still the same size of that particular dildo.

However, we might have avoided these issues because I’ve never locked him up for longer than a few months at a time. That was before we lived together, when I had to rely on the chastity device because I wasn’t around to keep him a good boy. I can’t guarantee that they will never happen, but I think it’s very unlikely, at least in our case.

If you’re worried about shrinkage, or if the idea doesn’t turn you on, my advice is to take the odd break from wearing the chastity device.


In other news… I’m so busy right now I still haven’t been able to punish him properly. It suckssss!!! He won’t go unpunished, but it will have to wait until next week or so. I just need to get these assignments and exams out of the way…….

I was thinking that since his sin was to use a butt plug without permission, I’ll want to give him a good pounding with the biggest strap-on I can find in the house. I just need to find an hour or two in my schedule, somehow.

He caved. I caved.

He caved. I caved.

You know the way a man can be so horny that only a butt plug and a chastity device will satisfy his horniness? No? No one? Yeah, I didn’t think that was a thing either. But apparently it is! At least that’s what Mr Kitty did.

I don’t quite understand how that works though. He’s unlocked. He’s not allowed to wank because I say so, but neither is he allowed to use toys without previous permission from me. He says I was asleep at the time so he felt it was alright to break that rule and apologise later. While I don’t like that attitude, I do think it’s very weird that he went for the butt plug and not for a proper wank. If you’re gonna break rules, you might as well go with the more effective option, right?

Wrong, apparently.

Not only did he choose the butt plug over simply wanking, but he also got locked up. He says he wanted to check whether the ring of the device would still hurt his skin, in case it has healed enough for me to lock him back up. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. As if he wouldn’t use any excuse to get back out of the device in the beginning of a new locking term! After much prodding, he admitted that he wasn’t just horny: he was feeling extremely submissive. He wanted to be locked up and watch me have fun with a bunch of guys, and he wanted to suck cock, and be fucked in the ass by me with a strap on dildo, and he wanted to give me loads of pleasure with his tongue, and his list went on and on…

We were in bed as he confessed that he’d used a butt plug without permission. One thing led to another and soon we were having sex. Was it a ruse?!

For some reason his penis felt even better than usual, and I couldn’t stop moaning. I think it’s because he’s not clean shaven in his pubic area like when he’s locked up, but has a bit of very soft stubble (his body hair is extremely fine and soft). It seemed to be lightly touching my clit and making everything feel soooo good. Anyway, it was quick and passionate and after my second orgasm he also came. In the heat of the moment I forgot to tell him that I didn’t want him to cum. In fact, I only thought about that later, when I’d recovered completely from the third and final orgasm, this time produced through clit stimulation and boob sucking.

I feel like I need to punish him for using a butt plug. The fact that he tried on the chastity device doesn’t bother me. But he also resisted wanking, which I find very impressive because I know I wouldn’t be as strong if I were in his position. One negative, one neutral and one positive point. Ah, whatever. Punishment it is.


Keeping his bits nicely shaven makes things easier for him in terms of cleanliness and comfort. I’ve never had an opinion on men’s pubic hair as long as it wasn’t excessive, and only required him to be shaved because it adds a layer of submission. Maybe I should keep him trimmed, rather than shaved, in some strategic places for maximum clit happiness.

Sweet home and a slightly bent cock

Sweet home and a slightly bent cock

We arrived back home yesterday, after a few days of being with our respective families. The trip was uneventful and I barely saw Mr Kitty, as we both feel quite awkward with each other’s families so we stayed with our own. I’m so glad I’m back home with him! Nothing  beats having your own territory, with your own rules and your own stuff. Everything in the house is exactly how we like it, and everything works the way we (or rather, I) want it to work.

The first thing I did after we got home was check whether his skin issues had improved. I want to lock him up, dammit! It’s somewhat better, but a trip to the doctor will still be required. Messing with medication and side effects is never a good idea.

Mr Kitty never got his promised 5th orgasm last year so I attempted to play with his cock and balls for a while, to sort of make up for it. Attempted being the keyword: we were both so tired and sleep deprived that I’m surprised he got hard at all. He did! But something was different. Maybe it’s the fact that I hadn’t seen it in a few days, or maybe it’s that I’m more used to really looking at it when it’s locked up, but I swear his cock looks like it’s more bent to the left than usual. Like with most guys, it’s always been slightly bent. This has never bothered me (why would it?) and I barely pay attention to it, but I honestly feel like it’s more bent now than before.


I can’t think of any reason why that would happen. He’s left handed so he wanks with his left, and when he gets hard while wearing trousers, his cock goes to the left side under the fabric, but neither of those things would cause a penis to become more bent. It’s not like it has an unnatural curvature: it’s still within the same tolerances as other penises I’ve personally seen. It might just be an optical illusion, or my memory of how it was before might not be accurate. Who knows? Either way, at least it was probably not caused by the chastity device, since he’s been unlocked all this time. Regardless of what caused it, it doesn’t seem to be an issue as far as pain or discomfort so I’m not too worried by it.

As soon as his skin issues are resolved he’ll be back in the cage. As you all know, nothing keeps a man’s penis more protected than a lovely metal shield. =P


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