The relocking process didn’t quite go to plan. Well, technically it did, but I didn’t let him fuck me in the end. I simply didn’t feel like it. When he got locked up before starting his working “day” (which started in the evening, as usual), I decided to kickstart his submissive horniness by sending him a link to a very hot blowjob porn video.

By his first break from work he was bent over his desk, my hands fondling his ass, and him begging me to do anything (anything!) to him if it meant that he’d be unlocked soon. I agreed to unlocking him “soon” if I get to fuck him hard with my strap on. It’s funny, we’ve known each other so long, and yet he was surprised that I was getting horny at the idea of making him moan like a girl with my big black dildo. We did have a problem though: he hasn’t had any toys in his ass for a few weeks, and he feels like he needs to work himself up to it!

I’d like to think I’m a good girlfriend to him, so I’ve given him a few days to work through the butt plugs he feels he’ll need until he gets to a reasonable size for my dildo. I haven’t yet told him that he’ll be tied up and gagged, or that I’ll be using the biggest dildo we have. I also haven’t defined what “soon” means in the context of unlocking him! He knows he doesn’t get to decide, even if he is begging for anything in lieu of being locked up, so he hasn’t tried to make me give him a concrete date for his freedom. I have such a considerate kittyslave! In return, I haven’t given him a hard deadline for when his little ass should be prepared for my fun, but he has already started his preparation. Acceptance is a wonderful thing.

In the end, instead of having sex I let him suck on my nipples while I used my fingers and he caressed me everywhere. It’s one of my favourite forms of masturbation. It’s also my main method when he is locked up. By the end of it, he’s so attempted hard that it almost looks like his cock could break the chastity device! I love it.

Fun times.

One thought on “Relocking

  1. Always nice when the woman brings herself off and keeps the man from any real sexual stimulation. Ha-ah. (I am male by the way)

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