Yeah, but will it shrink?

Yeah, but will it shrink?

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of online talk about chastity-related penile shrinking (r/chastity, I’m looking at you). Having been in the chastity game for almost six years, I thought I’d add my bit to the ‘debate’.

[Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. Don’t take medical advice from me.]

The first time I ever heard that locked-up penises could shrink was after unlocking Mr Kitty from a particularly long stint of chastity. He looked at his cock and asked: “is it still the same size?” The question took me by surprise. Why wouldn’t it be the same size? So he told me that he’d read stories online about penile shrinkage from chastity. I looked at his cock. It was still the same size. Still the same size as my favourite dildo.

That happened about a year into chastity. Five years later, his cock is still the same.

That makes sense though, doesn’t it? The penis has no muscles to atrophy. It’s essentially a stretchy sponge of stretchiness, that swells up when it becomes engorged with blood (during arousal), and that’s about it. With nothing to atrophy, through what chastity-related mechanism could it shrink?

I’ve seen people say that what could happen is a temporary size difference (radial, lengthwise or both), rather than permanent shrinkage, due to a (temporary!) loss of tissue elasticity from lack of frequent stretching. On the other hand, some people report that they get slightly softer erections just after being unlocked. I can confirm that we’ve never experienced either of those issues. If anything, his erections are harder right after being unlocked, probably because he gets extra horny.

Could these issues happen to other people? Permanent shrinkage, I doubt it. Temporary shrinkage or softer erections, maybe, I don’t really know. All I can say is that we’ve never had any size problems: Mr Kitty is definitely still the same size of that particular dildo.

However, we might have avoided these issues because I’ve never locked him up for longer than a few months at a time. That was before we lived together, when I had to rely on the chastity device because I wasn’t around to keep him a good boy. I can’t guarantee that they will never happen, but I think it’s very unlikely, at least in our case.

If you’re worried about shrinkage, or if the idea doesn’t turn you on, my advice is to take the odd break from wearing the chastity device.


In other news… I’m so busy right now I still haven’t been able to punish him properly. It suckssss!!! He won’t go unpunished, but it will have to wait until next week or so. I just need to get these assignments and exams out of the way…….

I was thinking that since his sin was to use a butt plug without permission, I’ll want to give him a good pounding with the biggest strap-on I can find in the house. I just need to find an hour or two in my schedule, somehow.

6 thoughts on “Yeah, but will it shrink?

  1. Because chastity is still a fairly new kink (relative to, say, spanking), there’s not much written on it. That is. there’s not much *useful* information; unfortunately there’s plenty of stupid, misinformed, or just ridiculous things written that are all too easy to stumble across.

    But you’re correct – it’s not a muscle, so there’s nothing to atrophy. Most of the stories that I’ve run across in the last 15 years or so about atrophy, or impotence, or some kind of erectile dysfunction never seem to be confirmed, let alone followed up with information on the user’s diet, activity, or overall health.

    There have been a few urologists and other doctors offering up opinions, but it’s funny how those opinions differ, and how most of them hedge because they literally have no idea.

    1. I wonder how difficult it would be to prepare a reliable survey for people who have been in chastity for relatively long times. I suspect there aren’t that many people out there who have done chastity more than superficially, and it’s anyone’s guess how many would even respond to a survey. But it could be worth a try.

  2. If I get locked in my very small device for a month, then the penis is very small when I take the device off. I can get a small erection that is not rock hard. After days out things will return to normal. I think if I was locked up this way full time or I was placed back in the device for another month, then I would never have time to recover and it would always be smaller. If your device is less restricting, then you would not experience this same degree of shrinkage.

    1. But surely if you stayed unlocked for long enough, you’d get back to your original size anyway?

      In our case, the device he currently uses leaves no gap at all between his flaccid penis and the steel cage, so it couldn’t be more restrictive. I guess it’s a case of YMMV.

  3. My left testicle is smaller than the right one, Sometimes when I am sleeping the damn thing decides to withdraw, and sometimes there is pain with that. Is the solution
    To have the double clamp : one that encircles the Penis and the second one to hold the testicles? I have viewed a couple on the”Extreme Chastity device web Sites. My question will that solve the “withdrawal of the smaller testicle” and what is the time it will take on the average for the body to adjust to the changes.?This Change is going to cost me at least three hundred. So I want to hear from guys is it worth it?

    1. I’m not sure I get what you mean. Are you talking about a specific cage? If you’re talking about a ball-trap device and one of your testicles is escaping through the ring, you probably need a smaller ring. However, if you’re getting a custom-made device, you should discuss this issue with the manufacturer. After all, they’ll know their product much better than me.

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