Hello! I’m Kitty and I hold the key to my slave’s cock. This is a blog about male chastity from my (girly!) perspective.

Male chastity has been a part of our relationship, on and off, from the very beginning. It was initially my slave’s idea, but I bet my love for dominating him took him by surprise! Years later, I still get a thrill from knowing that Mr Kitty is securely locked up, and always ready to serve me.

We are both bisexual, but nothing makes him hornier than watching me with other men. 😉

We are otherwise a conventional couple living in a quaint little town in England.


Random bits

We like tea, coffee and wine.

Oh, and chocolate. And cats. We love cats.

We’re a very international couple. I’m not even in my home continent!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I think an update is in order! Please don’t die out like other Dommes. My Goddess and I are eagerly awaiting the latest in your dominant ways.

    <3 imposed

    1. It’s nice to know you’re enjoying the blog!
      I have no intention to let it die out, at least as long as I’m not bored with it (no guarantees because I can’t predict the future). However, I don’t follow a posting schedule because I only write about things that happen in our personal lives. Sometimes we have boring lives too! Sometimes other things unfortunately get in the way. But I will post when there’s anything remotely interesting!

  2. I had planned to add to my original comment, and life overtook me.
    The “Mr Kitty” nomenclature does not sound quite “proper”.
    How about “Kit”? Or “kitty”? Or, even, “Tomcat”? Or a variation thereof?

    1. Haha I know what you mean. To be honest, it was meant to be a provisional name until I could think of something better. Unfortunately for you, I actually call him “Kitty” in real life when we’re in public. You don’t want to know what I call him in private because it’s a whole bunch of uber soppy embarrassing stuff. I mean, we meow at each other as our default greeting if there’s no one else around. Soooo… I’m afraid it’s gonna stay as Mr Kitty. Sorry!

      1. What a lovely response, Kitty! Honest and straight-forward and true. Meeaaoow!!!
        I actually have a cousin who calls her husband (Keith) “Kitty” – in private or in public. And everyone accepts it as a familiar term of endearment.
        And I have another relative (pet name: Bunny), whose wife calls him “Buns” – privately or publicly. I don’t think either of them are into this kin(k)d of thing. But one can never be sure, eh?
        What a tease you are, Kitty! (“You don’t want to know what I call him in private because it’s a whole bunch of ….”).
        You’ve sorely aroused my curiousi(kit)ty. And, how many different kinds of “meow”s are there? Sure you two explore them all.

        Some years ago, Meow FM was a talk-based FM Radio Channel here, formerly broadcasting in major cities, directed at a female audience.

  3. I too was about to echo what “imposed” beat me to. And thanks Kitty for having no intention to let it die out. About other things getting in the way, I know very well. I promised to comment on another similar site, and “life” deadlines, commitments, delayed responses, etc., have kept me on my toes these last few weeks. My sympathies in your present “predicament” and I laud your commitment to consensualness –besides, of course, struggling with the pain of him in pain

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