Our slave contract

Our slave contract

What follows is our current slave contract. Over the years we have had a number of contracts, with revisions as required. The following contract may change at any time, but it’s what we use now as a condition to our future marriage.

The term of this contract is from the date signed for the duration of marriage (“life”). It is not possible to exit from this contract without 30 days written notice and consent of the Goddess.

  1. I, ___________________ agree to completely give my body over to my goddess for her worship, pleasure and use as she sees fit. I will obey all commands without complaining or hesitating. Failure to comply will result in punishment. From hereto referred to as ‘Slave’ or ‘Kittyslave’
  2. The slave will bring the goddess tea whenever required.
  3. In the interests of sexual control, training and protection, the slave agrees to be locked in a chastity device for the length of the contract, with removal only as the goddess sees fit and for essential hygiene and medical purposes under supervision. The slave agrees that he will wear the device for an indefinite amount of time, and is not allowed to have sex, masturbate, orgasm or get erections except as allowed by goddess. The slave will fully and immediately comply with orders to get locked up, and will help ensure security is as tight as possible. Failure to comply with these rules will result in severe punishment.
  4. The slave accepts the tiny nature of his penis, that it usually cannot get hard when needed and usually prematurely ejaculates or gets excessively wet, making it unsuitable for use as a sexual organ except for procreation. Owing to this, the slave should focus on the other sexual organs available to him, namely his mouth and ass.
  5. The slave agrees that since his penis is unusable, he is the passive partner in the relationship and expected to submit to anal sex and other submissive roles to his goddess or anyone she designates. In the case of anal sex, where possible at least 1 hours’ notice will be provided to allow for hygiene considerations as needed. The slave agrees that for sex with his goddess the best analogue for a normal penis is a strap on dildo, and agrees to wear one to pleasure his goddess as required.
  6. It is not appropriate for the slave to refer to his locked up microphallus as a cock, penis or any other term for male genitalia. The goddess will supply an appropriately submissive term to use if required.
  7. On occasion the slave the will be allowed to have unlocked sex with his goddess. The slave is required to focus all efforts on providing the maximum pleasure to his goddess and not consider his own pleasure or orgasm a priority. After sex the slave should get locked up immediately or when told to, and resume slave training as soon as possible. When the slave is unable to perform sexually, he should attempt to rectify this by using Viagra or a butt plug as commanded by his goddess. Failing this the slave should use a strap on, if directed, or satisfy his goddess orally.
  8. The goddess agrees to oversee the mental, physical and sexual needs of her slave, to keep him safe from harm, to keep him as engaged sexually, to ensure the slave can attend to hygiene and health matters.
  9. The slave agrees that the goddess, needing regular sex from men with average to large sized cocks, which the slave cannot provide for many reasons, can have sex with men outside the relationship with prior notification to the slave. The goddess is also free to pursue sexual relations with women. The slave will fully support the organisation of the goddess’s dates, help her get ready, help with transport if possible, and fully comply with all requests by the goddess. While the goddess is on a date, the slave should remain ready to collect the goddess if needed, and should be locked up, plugged and ideally watching cuckold training porn while on standby duty.
  10. The slave must be willing to assist the goddess sexually with any of her dates. The slave should be ready to supply condoms, fluffing for the bull, tongue service during the goddess’s sex, and cleanup afterwards. The slave will bring the goddess and her bull anything required during meetups or sex:- drinks, condoms or anything else. The slave will submit fully to goddess and her bull, and obey all orders. The slave, recognising his own sexual inability and unusably tiny penis size, should make every effort to support the goddess and her sexual encounters with men.
  11. The slave acknowledges that owing to tiny penis size and excessive production of precum, he must relinquish all expectations of receiving oral sex from the goddess, and passes this privilege onto her bull. The slave should quietly envy and respect the bulls large cock and his right to get blowjobs, and not complain.
  12. The goddess agrees that cuckoldy activities, being primarily a sexual venture between the owner-slave couple before the bull, will try to include the slave as much as possible, either on location or in any other ways possible.
  13. The slave will not ask to be unlocked or for a release date, any offenses will result in punishment. The slave should instead adapt to direct all energies towards activities that do not require a penis, worshipping his goddess, practising oral skills, being trained with toys and being fucked as required, assisting with masturbation and sex, and any other actives the goddess demands. Any other free time the slave will devote to training for the above. The slave must be seen to be engaging in slave training and goddess worshipping under his own volition or face punishment. The slave is still allowed to beg for sex and pursue getting it through good performance or behaviour, as fruitless as it may be due to competition with bigger and better cocks.
  14. The slave will at least once a week perform cleaning duties around the house and wash the goddess’s clothes. The goddess can determine what clothing may be worn during these chores.
  15. The slave agrees he is sexually inferior to the bull and submissive to the goddess and is required to celebrate in all ways his goddess’s sexual adventures and her bulls sexual prowess.
  16. The slave will not pester the goddess to get unlocked. Instead these questions should be changed to slave appropriate analogues such as “can I worship you with my tongue” or “can I use a dildo” or other activities a slave should engage in.
  17. The slave is allowed to remove the chastity device up to twice per week for shaving and deep cleaning, with prior approval from his goddess. During this time the slave should change to the alternate chastity device to prevent masturbation. It is the requirement of the slave to ensure that masturbation/stimulation does not occur and to report any incidents.
  18. The slave may request to change to an alternate chastity device up to twice per week so long as the goddess is satisfied it is for valid medical or practical/travel reasons. The goddess’s decision is final.
  19. To aid in training and mental conditioning, the slave accepts that body hair is the preserve of men and dominant bulls, and to differentiate from them the slave is required to maintain a smooth kittyslave body and shave regularly. The slave will strive to differentiate between himself and dominant bulls to aid training.
  20. The goddess agrees that even though the slave is locked up and not expected to consider himself with regards to sexual activity, the goddess will keep the slave as sexually engaged as if he were not a slave, with regular engagement in teasing and torture activities, slave training, cuckold/bi activities or anything else the goddess sees fit.
  21. The goddess agrees that the slave can engage in sexual activity with other people of either gender while locked up, so long as notification is provided and agreement obtained beforehand. The goddess is not required or expected to unlock the slave, so in cases of encounters with women, release must be negotiated, and for encounters with men the slave can only take part in activities that do not require release.
  22. The slave agrees that since he will be almost always locked up, the only acceptable and practical underwear during the term of this contract are thongs that support the chastity device or other tight supportive underwear appropriate for a kittyslave, so long as it can’t be confused with men’s underwear, or is designated by goddess for a special occasion.
  23. Accepting his position as a kittyslave, the slave will put any men’s underwear he possesses in storage and not use it except with special permission from the goddess. Failure to wear the required underwear as listed above and any other clothing items specially demanded by goddess will result in punishment.
  24. The slave will accept his bi side and fully embrace it as a sexual outlet during his loving penis protection period and not plead against it as a reason to get unlocked. If being locked up causes undue bi impulses the slave should act on them rather than pestering goddess about them.
  25. It is the slave’s responsibility to stay sexually entertained and avoid boredom by engaging in whatever sexually activity is available to a locked up slave including using toys and sexual encounters with men or women.
  26. The slave agrees to wear a collar around the house if directed by the goddess. The collar can also be connected to a chain for greater control.
  27. The goddess agrees to not require the slave to wear anything in public which may cause public humiliation due to revealing he is a slave, unless the slave agrees without duress.
  28. The slave will keep all goddess’ dildos and toys clean and in working order and a readily available supply of lube. A paddle mounted on a buttplug should be placed in a prominent location as a reminder of the goddess’ discipline. The slave will maintain his own collection of toys including keeping toys ready and visible on his bedside locker, and is expected to use them as required for training. If directed to use a buttplug the slave must remain plugged until permission is given to remove (or by necessity).
  29. The slave should endeavour to document all experiences for the goddess’ review. Likewise the goddess should endeavour to document all experiences for the slave’s effective torture.
  30. The goddess and slave agree to keep the slave contract and other sexual activities a secret except for bulls and selected friends.

Signed on _____________________






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