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First contact

First contact

After a little delay, I finally got to meet the man who will make Mr Kitty’s wishes come true; at least, his wish for dominant cock. And guess what? The guy is practically my neighbour, so I can call him over whenever I want!

I was looking for two essential qualities in our candidate. Bisexuality, so that I wouldn’t feel left out if I wanted to play, and full willingness to do things to my kittyslave (as opposed to with him). I am happy to say that he has delivered on both counts.

We decided to meet at my house because he is so local, and this town so small, that it made little sense trying to meet somewhere public beforehand. Mr Kitty had been in contact with him for a while and he seemed like a nice guy… with an even nicer cock. Oh, I was right about that.

Almost immediately after he got into our bedroom, he began to undress me while my slave watched. Mr Kitty was plugged and surely attempted-hard inside his little cage. He’s only been present a few times while I was being fucked by another man, and he’s still not fully used to seeing someone else’s cock sliding into me. It makes him go a bit crazy in his submissiveness, in ways that I find both cute and really hot. As the candidate plunged deep into me, I felt completely worshipped by my cute slave.

There were blowjobs too, but I wasn’t the one giving them. 😉

By the end, I was completely sexed out and Mr Kitty seemed almost overcome with submission. It was really funny to watch. The candidate commented on the way Mr Kitty continued to softly kiss my body as I lay on the bed, still recovering from the orgasms. That’s always been a post-sex feature for us and I never thought anything of it. Funny how things that seem perfectly ordinary to us can be worth commenting on to other people.

I really liked the power dynamics with the candidate. He was dominant towards Mr Kitty, although ultimately I remained in full control. After I ordered Mr Kitty to give the first blowjob, the candidate understood straight away that he was also allowed to give orders to Mr Kitty, which was just what I had hoped. However, I was still in charge and as such, he still referred to me any time he was in doubt. That was very nice because I don’t like to give full control to anyone. It’s just not me.

I didn’t let the candidate put his hard dick in my little kittyslave’s ass in the first encounter. To be honest, I’m not really into that sort of thing, so I’m not interested in actually seeing it. There will be time for that when they are alone. Though as it turns out, seeing the candidate’s hard dick in kittyslave’s mouth turned out to be pretty hot, a lot more than I expected. So, who knows? Maybe I’d like to see the actual sex bit too.

To sum up, I fully trust that the candidate will be able to handle my kittyslave the way he should. ^_^

After this first encounter, Mr Kitty was so fuzzy and happy and worshipping and lovely that I can’t wait to do it again!

Pimpin’ Mr Kitty

Pimpin’ Mr Kitty

After our discussion about encouraging bisexual encounters, I’ve thought long and hard about the most appropriate way to proceed, as I prefer to have a framework to ensure that the needs of both of us are met. I considered two possible approaches:

  1. Change the contract to enforce scheduled bisexual encounters, whether it be on a predefined interval plan or as a consequence of certain actions.
  2. Use my authority to encourage him ad-hoc, whenever I feel like the encounters should be required.

As far as I can see, both of these approaches present advantages and disadvantages. I have a real issue with not being in full control of our little game. Yes, I am a control freak… which means that Option 1 may not work because I’m likely to feel too restricted by it if I have to follow it for any length of time. On the other hand, it would require much less direct involvement than the approach where I’d decide when I felt like having him meet some guy, which could be useful in certain circumstances. 

I have decided, after much consideration, that I will adopt a hybrid system. I still have to iron out details but I’m hoping it will work like this:

  • Article 25 of the contract definitely needs to be relaxed. It will be rephrased to accommodate the new system, once Mr Kitty and I decide on a new wording that pleases both of us.
  • Whenever I’m able, I will take the ad-hoc approach (Option 2, above), but allowing Mr Kitty to remind me if I don’t actively press him to do it in a long time, so that I can’t become lazy or simply forget, resulting in his needs not being met. How long is a long time will have to be decided together, although it will only be a reminder, and I don’t need to act on it if I don’t want to.
  • For times when I’m too busy to keep up with the ‘encouragement’ plan, I will revert to an interval or consequence of actions approach (Option 1, above), with prior notification and consent from Mr Kitty. (After all, he’s the one who’ll be getting ass fucked, not me!) Ideally, this option will only be followed for a maximum time which must still be decided, but I’d be worried if it ends up being more than a couple of months, at the very most. We will then go back to the previous approach as soon as possible.

I still have to tell Mr Kitty the new terms for his request. Hopefully he’s fine with them. If he’s not… well, he’s not the one that decides, is he? I will involve him in the details because it’s only fair, but the broad strokes of my little framework will be implemented as stated. I’m sure it’s all that he was hoping for. 😉

Despite the fact that we have not yet discussed this in full, we already have a candidate to help things along. We will be meeting him this week for a bit of initial fun, just to make sure that he is what we are looking for. We needed someone who is bisexual because I refuse to be left out if I want to participate, but he also needed to be fine with meeting Mr Kitty on his own, when the situation arises. So far this guy appears to be what we need, but we’ll see how it goes.

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