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Ow ow ow

Ow ow ow

Shortly after my last post I began to feel queasy. Soon I had chills, then a high fever. Then I fell asleep and the next few days became a blur in which I can only assume I was being looked after by Mr Kitty, who’s been as supportive and lovely as I could ever wish for. I had the flu. The flu is never fun.

I’m almost back to normal now, with a few niggling pains but that’s to be expected. Naturally, Mr Kitty’s birthweek was cut short and our plans didn’t go as I wanted. Doesn’t matter, I’m picking up where I left off. We had two choices and one demand. Mr Kitty’s choice was to have sex with me using his penis, with no penis sleeves, no desensitising creams, just his hard cock going into me… plus a dildo in his ass that I could play with as he fucked me. My demand was that I wanted to see his embarrassed little self as I tried to insert the biggest butt plug he owned into his ass. I got sick on the day that I was supposed to carry out my demand, so that is still outstanding, but yesterday I was able to do his request.

It went just as I expected. A couple of thrusts, lots of ugnnhhgghggghhh noises coming from him, then some moaning, then it was over. My kitty can’t control himself when his prostate is stimulated. He did make the cutest moans, though. And every time I reached the dildo with my hand to pull it out or push it further into his ass, he became bigger and even harder. Obviously I made him finish me off with his tongue despite the insane amounts of cum he somehow produced. I say “somehow” because it looked like a superhuman amount of cum, but I know what caused it: he was locked up all throughout my illness, with no explicit permission to milk himself. After he finished me off and wiped away the globs of cum he’d smeared everywhere, I locked him back up.

That didn’t last long, however, because he began to get a bit of discomfort. Today I decided to unlock him and check what is wrong. The right side of his penis looks a little darker than usual, as if affected by friction burn. He’s been mostly wearing the same chastity device for years now, with very few issues. It seems strange that he’d start having issues with it now. I can’t see how there would be increased friction either, since he’s the exact same size as before and the cage doesn’t give him room to grow. Maybe a temperature issue? Trapped sweat causing problems? Me having a killer man-eating vagina? All I know is that one side of his cock was tender and a slightly darker colour than the other side. I’ll keep an eye on it but I intend to lock him up as soon as we’re sure it’s ok. I need him locked up and submissive so I can play with that big butt plug of his.

Birthday? What birthday?

Birthday? What birthday?

Mr Kitty’s birthday came and went, and so did Father’s Day. I thought Father’s Day would be almost irrelevant to a man with no children, beyond sending a card to his father, but I was wrong. My lovely kittyslave was in a weird mood throughout the day because he wanted to join in the fun. He even said something along the lines of “in 10 years’ time we’ll have seven year-olds who will fuss over me and give me a breakfast fry and…” etc etc. He seems to have a plan, and it seems to involve twins… or triplets! These days, when he’s sinking deeper into chastity mode he becomes a real softie and begins to feel broody (can a man be broody?). It’s cute and it goes away after a while, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry this time. So I’ve instituted the birthweek. It’s not my kitty’s birthday, but his birthweek. That seemed to cheer him up, thankfully.

Apart from the usual gift giving, I’ve been using his birthweek to remind him of how to be good again — all in the name of making him happy, of course. I swear it’s not because he’s amazing at giving me pleasure when he’s happily and squirmingly locked up. I’ve been quite generous: I even gave him a choice of activities for his birthweek. I gave him two choices and one demand.

His choices: either he lets me lovingly fuck his little ass and then we switch and he uses a strap-on on me; or he gets to have proper sex, with his little cock in me and everything, while I use a dildo on him. Alas, my body will be doing the girl thing soon and that’s a hard limit for him, so whichever option he chooses won’t happen till next week.

My demand: there’s this ginormous butt plug in his drawer that he insists he has never been able to fit inside him. I want to be the one who gently guides it in, even if it won’t fit, just to see. To see what? I don’t know. I don’t expect it to go in fully, but when he mentioned this butt plug he seemed so cutely awkward and self-conscious about it, about failing to get it in, and about buying such a massive thing in the first place, that I wanted to take part in this. And that is happening tomorrow. I’ve been preparing him by going up the plug sizes as usual. Watching Better Call Saul is a lot more fun when there’s a man lying across my lap, softly moaning as I lightly play with his plugged ass. ^_^

On Father’s Day I was working and, as I walked away from a table of older people I’d just served, I heard one of the women saying: “awwww bless!”. I don’t know if she thought I was very young or very cute. It made me smile though. This elderly woman thought I was sweet and innocent with my waitress uniform and my customer service smile, while at home I had a plugged and locked up man, cleaning the house and making it ready for when I returned.

I think he is getting back to his submissive slavey self. We had a talk about needs and expectations because he had gotten into the habit of saying he was all submissive and wanting to get back into the swing of things, and then making up excuses in the last minute. I guess that’s what happens when I’m too busy to manage him properly. We will be making a conscious effort to avoid that issue in the future. But for now, I really must find the bigger bottle of lube.

Recovery, chastity and hospitals

Recovery, chastity and hospitals

While I recover from my exams, Mr Kitty is recovering from a hospital procedure. Nothing major, just a quick endoscopy. His recovery is more psychological than physical. First, he went from not being scared of the procedure at all to dreading it (my fault. He seemed so chill that I accidentally mentioned what some of my older friends have said about getting it done). Then he was shaken by the fact that the sedative used in the endoscopy didn’t work, as the hospital used the same stuff that is already part of his usual medication. Not a huge deal, but he said it was very unpleasant. Finally, when I picked him up from the hospital, he was required to go from this:free penis

to this:

locked up penis

That was two days ago. It took a lot of effort on my part to get him back into his cage. Effort that shouldn’t have been necessary. In fairness to him, he did eventually give me a lot of fun when I needed de-stressing towards the end of the exam period, but that doesn’t justify his disobedience in following my orders. I know he was having an internal struggle between wanting to be free, with an accessible cock, and wanting to be controlled by me and submissive to me. He would talk at length about sexy things he’d like to do for me, wanting to offer himself up to me, but as soon as I pointed out that he doesn’t get in that selfless mood unless he’s locked up, he would bring up all sorts of excuses. “I was gonna get locked up after our walk”. “I wanted to shave before putting the device on”. Eventually he admitted: “I’ve run out of excuses”.

At the moment he is wearing his chastity device with an anal plug attachment, which I’ll let him remove when I feel like it. I’m stricter with him than usual. I will continue to be until he goes back to following my orders without needing to defy or struggle against them. He wants to be good, he’s just out of practice. I will give him enough homework to practice.



The relocking process didn’t quite go to plan. Well, technically it did, but I didn’t let him fuck me in the end. I simply didn’t feel like it. When he got locked up before starting his working “day” (which started in the evening, as usual), I decided to kickstart his submissive horniness by sending him a link to a very hot blowjob porn video.

By his first break from work he was bent over his desk, my hands fondling his ass, and him begging me to do anything (anything!) to him if it meant that he’d be unlocked soon. I agreed to unlocking him “soon” if I get to fuck him hard with my strap on. It’s funny, we’ve known each other so long, and yet he was surprised that I was getting horny at the idea of making him moan like a girl with my big black dildo. We did have a problem though: he hasn’t had any toys in his ass for a few weeks, and he feels like he needs to work himself up to it!

I’d like to think I’m a good girlfriend to him, so I’ve given him a few days to work through the butt plugs he feels he’ll need until he gets to a reasonable size for my dildo. I haven’t yet told him that he’ll be tied up and gagged, or that I’ll be using the biggest dildo we have. I also haven’t defined what “soon” means in the context of unlocking him! He knows he doesn’t get to decide, even if he is begging for anything in lieu of being locked up, so he hasn’t tried to make me give him a concrete date for his freedom. I have such a considerate kittyslave! In return, I haven’t given him a hard deadline for when his little ass should be prepared for my fun, but he has already started his preparation. Acceptance is a wonderful thing.

In the end, instead of having sex I let him suck on my nipples while I used my fingers and he caressed me everywhere. It’s one of my favourite forms of masturbation. It’s also my main method when he is locked up. By the end of it, he’s so attempted hard that it almost looks like his cock could break the chastity device! I love it.

Fun times.

Yeah, but will it shrink?

Yeah, but will it shrink?

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of online talk about chastity-related penile shrinking (r/chastity, I’m looking at you). Having been in the chastity game for almost six years, I thought I’d add my bit to the ‘debate’.

[Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. Don’t take medical advice from me.]

The first time I ever heard that locked-up penises could shrink was after unlocking Mr Kitty from a particularly long stint of chastity. He looked at his cock and asked: “is it still the same size?” The question took me by surprise. Why wouldn’t it be the same size? So he told me that he’d read stories online about penile shrinkage from chastity. I looked at his cock. It was still the same size. Still the same size as my favourite dildo.

That happened about a year into chastity. Five years later, his cock is still the same.

That makes sense though, doesn’t it? The penis has no muscles to atrophy. It’s essentially a stretchy sponge of stretchiness, that swells up when it becomes engorged with blood (during arousal), and that’s about it. With nothing to atrophy, through what chastity-related mechanism could it shrink?

I’ve seen people say that what could happen is a temporary size difference (radial, lengthwise or both), rather than permanent shrinkage, due to a (temporary!) loss of tissue elasticity from lack of frequent stretching. On the other hand, some people report that they get slightly softer erections just after being unlocked. I can confirm that we’ve never experienced either of those issues. If anything, his erections are harder right after being unlocked, probably because he gets extra horny.

Could these issues happen to other people? Permanent shrinkage, I doubt it. Temporary shrinkage or softer erections, maybe, I don’t really know. All I can say is that we’ve never had any size problems: Mr Kitty is definitely still the same size of that particular dildo.

However, we might have avoided these issues because I’ve never locked him up for longer than a few months at a time. That was before we lived together, when I had to rely on the chastity device because I wasn’t around to keep him a good boy. I can’t guarantee that they will never happen, but I think it’s very unlikely, at least in our case.

If you’re worried about shrinkage, or if the idea doesn’t turn you on, my advice is to take the odd break from wearing the chastity device.


In other news… I’m so busy right now I still haven’t been able to punish him properly. It suckssss!!! He won’t go unpunished, but it will have to wait until next week or so. I just need to get these assignments and exams out of the way…….

I was thinking that since his sin was to use a butt plug without permission, I’ll want to give him a good pounding with the biggest strap-on I can find in the house. I just need to find an hour or two in my schedule, somehow.

He caved. I caved.

He caved. I caved.

You know the way a man can be so horny that only a butt plug and a chastity device will satisfy his horniness? No? No one? Yeah, I didn’t think that was a thing either. But apparently it is! At least that’s what Mr Kitty did.

I don’t quite understand how that works though. He’s unlocked. He’s not allowed to wank because I say so, but neither is he allowed to use toys without previous permission from me. He says I was asleep at the time so he felt it was alright to break that rule and apologise later. While I don’t like that attitude, I do think it’s very weird that he went for the butt plug and not for a proper wank. If you’re gonna break rules, you might as well go with the more effective option, right?

Wrong, apparently.

Not only did he choose the butt plug over simply wanking, but he also got locked up. He says he wanted to check whether the ring of the device would still hurt his skin, in case it has healed enough for me to lock him back up. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. As if he wouldn’t use any excuse to get back out of the device in the beginning of a new locking term! After much prodding, he admitted that he wasn’t just horny: he was feeling extremely submissive. He wanted to be locked up and watch me have fun with a bunch of guys, and he wanted to suck cock, and be fucked in the ass by me with a strap on dildo, and he wanted to give me loads of pleasure with his tongue, and his list went on and on…

We were in bed as he confessed that he’d used a butt plug without permission. One thing led to another and soon we were having sex. Was it a ruse?!

For some reason his penis felt even better than usual, and I couldn’t stop moaning. I think it’s because he’s not clean shaven in his pubic area like when he’s locked up, but has a bit of very soft stubble (his body hair is extremely fine and soft). It seemed to be lightly touching my clit and making everything feel soooo good. Anyway, it was quick and passionate and after my second orgasm he also came. In the heat of the moment I forgot to tell him that I didn’t want him to cum. In fact, I only thought about that later, when I’d recovered completely from the third and final orgasm, this time produced through clit stimulation and boob sucking.

I feel like I need to punish him for using a butt plug. The fact that he tried on the chastity device doesn’t bother me. But he also resisted wanking, which I find very impressive because I know I wouldn’t be as strong if I were in his position. One negative, one neutral and one positive point. Ah, whatever. Punishment it is.


Keeping his bits nicely shaven makes things easier for him in terms of cleanliness and comfort. I’ve never had an opinion on men’s pubic hair as long as it wasn’t excessive, and only required him to be shaved because it adds a layer of submission. Maybe I should keep him trimmed, rather than shaved, in some strategic places for maximum clit happiness.

First contact

First contact

After a little delay, I finally got to meet the man who will make Mr Kitty’s wishes come true; at least, his wish for dominant cock. And guess what? The guy is practically my neighbour, so I can call him over whenever I want!

I was looking for two essential qualities in our candidate. Bisexuality, so that I wouldn’t feel left out if I wanted to play, and full willingness to do things to my kittyslave (as opposed to with him). I am happy to say that he has delivered on both counts.

We decided to meet at my house because he is so local, and this town so small, that it made little sense trying to meet somewhere public beforehand. Mr Kitty had been in contact with him for a while and he seemed like a nice guy… with an even nicer cock. Oh, I was right about that.

Almost immediately after he got into our bedroom, he began to undress me while my slave watched. Mr Kitty was plugged and surely attempted-hard inside his little cage. He’s only been present a few times while I was being fucked by another man, and he’s still not fully used to seeing someone else’s cock sliding into me. It makes him go a bit crazy in his submissiveness, in ways that I find both cute and really hot. As the candidate plunged deep into me, I felt completely worshipped by my cute slave.

There were blowjobs too, but I wasn’t the one giving them. 😉

By the end, I was completely sexed out and Mr Kitty seemed almost overcome with submission. It was really funny to watch. The candidate commented on the way Mr Kitty continued to softly kiss my body as I lay on the bed, still recovering from the orgasms. That’s always been a post-sex feature for us and I never thought anything of it. Funny how things that seem perfectly ordinary to us can be worth commenting on to other people.

I really liked the power dynamics with the candidate. He was dominant towards Mr Kitty, although ultimately I remained in full control. After I ordered Mr Kitty to give the first blowjob, the candidate understood straight away that he was also allowed to give orders to Mr Kitty, which was just what I had hoped. However, I was still in charge and as such, he still referred to me any time he was in doubt. That was very nice because I don’t like to give full control to anyone. It’s just not me.

I didn’t let the candidate put his hard dick in my little kittyslave’s ass in the first encounter. To be honest, I’m not really into that sort of thing, so I’m not interested in actually seeing it. There will be time for that when they are alone. Though as it turns out, seeing the candidate’s hard dick in kittyslave’s mouth turned out to be pretty hot, a lot more than I expected. So, who knows? Maybe I’d like to see the actual sex bit too.

To sum up, I fully trust that the candidate will be able to handle my kittyslave the way he should. ^_^

After this first encounter, Mr Kitty was so fuzzy and happy and worshipping and lovely that I can’t wait to do it again!

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement

I was very nice to Mr Kitty these past few days because he was lovely and well-behaved. I thought he might need a break from being in his metal cage, so I let him stay unlocked. This also allowed me to inspect the cage properly, to make sure that no other material issues will crop up.

Of course, I didn’t allow him to orgasm. He could wank as much as he wanted, but not orgasm. I wouldn’t call it edging because, despite my teasing, a lot of the pleasuring was done primarily by him with a little of my help. It made his sex drive go crazy! Now that he’s back in his cage, I feel like he might explode it through sheer internal pressure. Thankfully, a little cock is no match for cold, hard steel. 😉

Speaking of cages…

In this other post I mentioned that I like to use an online randomiser to get codes for the safe. Heh, sometimes there are pitfalls with this method! For example, my kittyslave had to reject the latest code I gave him because he realised that he’d remember it a little too easily. It was 19834561. 1983, his year of birth, 3456… 1. Seriously, sometimes random is so memorable. For those analytically minded, the randomiser website has an explanation for randomness not looking quite that random.

In other news, I seem to have taken up control of another cock by chance. I don’t know for how long as it’s more of an online friendship, but I suppose I will do it for as long as it’s fun. I’m realising that thinking about controlling other cocks gives me a weird, lighter version of a power trip. It’s pretty cool. If my job didn’t take up as much time as it does, I would seriously consider building myself a little army of locked up boys…

As I typed that, a very cute naked Mr Kitty came to me and asked, in the most adorable way ever, “can I be fucked tonight? Pwease?”. I’m too tired to say yes, and I didn’t want him thinking that I’d do it just because he wants to… so I put a butt plug in him instead. That’ll do — until tomorrow at least. Then he might regret having asked.


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