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He caved. I caved.

He caved. I caved.

You know the way a man can be so horny that only a butt plug and a chastity device will satisfy his horniness? No? No one? Yeah, I didn’t think that was a thing either. But apparently it is! At least that’s what Mr Kitty did.

I don’t quite understand how that works though. He’s unlocked. He’s not allowed to wank because I say so, but neither is he allowed to use toys without previous permission from me. He says I was asleep at the time so he felt it was alright to break that rule and apologise later. While I don’t like that attitude, I do think it’s very weird that he went for the butt plug and not for a proper wank. If you’re gonna break rules, you might as well go with the more effective option, right?

Wrong, apparently.

Not only did he choose the butt plug over simply wanking, but he also got locked up. He says he wanted to check whether the ring of the device would still hurt his skin, in case it has healed enough for me to lock him back up. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. As if he wouldn’t use any excuse to get back out of the device in the beginning of a new locking term! After much prodding, he admitted that he wasn’t just horny: he was feeling extremely submissive. He wanted to be locked up and watch me have fun with a bunch of guys, and he wanted to suck cock, and be fucked in the ass by me with a strap on dildo, and he wanted to give me loads of pleasure with his tongue, and his list went on and on…

We were in bed as he confessed that he’d used a butt plug without permission. One thing led to another and soon we were having sex. Was it a ruse?!

For some reason his penis felt even better than usual, and I couldn’t stop moaning. I think it’s because he’s not clean shaven in his pubic area like when he’s locked up, but has a bit of very soft stubble (his body hair is extremely fine and soft). It seemed to be lightly touching my clit and making everything feel soooo good. Anyway, it was quick and passionate and after my second orgasm he also came. In the heat of the moment I forgot to tell him that I didn’t want him to cum. In fact, I only thought about that later, when I’d recovered completely from the third and final orgasm, this time produced through clit stimulation and boob sucking.

I feel like I need to punish him for using a butt plug. The fact that he tried on the chastity device doesn’t bother me. But he also resisted wanking, which I find very impressive because I know I wouldn’t be as strong if I were in his position. One negative, one neutral and one positive point. Ah, whatever. Punishment it is.


Keeping his bits nicely shaven makes things easier for him in terms of cleanliness and comfort. I’ve never had an opinion on men’s pubic hair as long as it wasn’t excessive, and only required him to be shaved because it adds a layer of submission. Maybe I should keep him trimmed, rather than shaved, in some strategic places for maximum clit happiness.

Sweet home and a slightly bent cock

Sweet home and a slightly bent cock

We arrived back home yesterday, after a few days of being with our respective families. The trip was uneventful and I barely saw Mr Kitty, as we both feel quite awkward with each other’s families so we stayed with our own. I’m so glad I’m back home with him! Nothing  beats having your own territory, with your own rules and your own stuff. Everything in the house is exactly how we like it, and everything works the way we (or rather, I) want it to work.

The first thing I did after we got home was check whether his skin issues had improved. I want to lock him up, dammit! It’s somewhat better, but a trip to the doctor will still be required. Messing with medication and side effects is never a good idea.

Mr Kitty never got his promised 5th orgasm last year so I attempted to play with his cock and balls for a while, to sort of make up for it. Attempted being the keyword: we were both so tired and sleep deprived that I’m surprised he got hard at all. He did! But something was different. Maybe it’s the fact that I hadn’t seen it in a few days, or maybe it’s that I’m more used to really looking at it when it’s locked up, but I swear his cock looks like it’s more bent to the left than usual. Like with most guys, it’s always been slightly bent. This has never bothered me (why would it?) and I barely pay attention to it, but I honestly feel like it’s more bent now than before.


I can’t think of any reason why that would happen. He’s left handed so he wanks with his left, and when he gets hard while wearing trousers, his cock goes to the left side under the fabric, but neither of those things would cause a penis to become more bent. It’s not like it has an unnatural curvature: it’s still within the same tolerances as other penises I’ve personally seen. It might just be an optical illusion, or my memory of how it was before might not be accurate. Who knows? Either way, at least it was probably not caused by the chastity device, since he’s been unlocked all this time. Regardless of what caused it, it doesn’t seem to be an issue as far as pain or discomfort so I’m not too worried by it.

As soon as his skin issues are resolved he’ll be back in the cage. As you all know, nothing keeps a man’s penis more protected than a lovely metal shield. =P


Woah, it’s New Year’s Eve already!

Woah, it’s New Year’s Eve already!

Our first Christmas dinner together and without family was a success. Our post-Christmas dinner sexy times… not so much.

As I predicted, we got seriously stuffed and needed a break of a few hours before we could try to do anything remotely physical. To wait it out, we cuddled up on the sofa and watched a TV series. It was really nice to be able to have some quiet time instead of the usual Christmassy family activity that I find so stressful. It was so nice that we both fell asleep. >_>

We did move to bed eventually but we were too sleepy and food-coma’d to be able to do anything sexy, so we left it to the next day. Unfortunately, my body becomes the most unpredictable thing if left to its own devices, so of course I had to get my period! To say that I can’t wait to be back on hormonal contraception would be an understatement. Since Mr Kitty doesn’t do period sex, that option was out. And since I wasn’t feeling sexy in any way, I also didn’t feel like letting him have an orgasm either, ruined or not. So that was that.

Tomorrow (or rather, today, as it’s 4am here) is New Year’s Eve and I’m not sure I’ll end up giving him an orgasm in the end. Four out of five isn’t that bad, right? Should I be feeling guilty? I’d do something nice for him on the first day of the year, but we’re flying out to visit family and it’s unlikely I’ll have any time alone with him until we’re back in a few days.

At least there was teasing. I found out that I can fit both of his balls in my mouth. That made him wet like a girl! He gets leaky with precum very easily, and the expectation of getting an orgasm soon made him get wet way quicker than usual. I’m very impressed with his self-control, considering that he’s been unlocked all this time and yet he’s somehow managed to survive plenty of hard-ons without trying to wank or even touch himself, letting me do it instead. I feel like I’m teaching him well.

It’s looking unlikely that I’ll be able to lock him up as soon as we’re back from our family visit. The ingrown hair he appeared to have in a dodgy place seemed to be going away… before it came back even worse. Due to its placement, the ring of the chastity device would hurt him so I’ll have to leave him unlocked until he gets that sorted. I don’t think it’s an ingrown hair anymore; he seems to be getting similar things in other parts of his body and that can be a reaction to one of his medications. He’ll get it checked by his doctor when we’re back home.

I can’t believe it’s already the end of 2015. I don’t do postmortems but I can say that this was, overall, a really good year. I also don’t do new years resolutions because I don’t like to do things I’m not good at, but I’ll accept suggestions if they don’t involve weight loss or learning a new language!

As far as my online life goes, I’m really glad I started this blog, even if I mainly use it for random thoughts and ranting. I hope someone finds it useful, at least in some tiny way.

Happy new year everyone! And don’t get too drunk!


PS: On reading this post, Mr Kitty’s only comment was: “It seems a bit too convenient that I don’t get my fifth orgasm!”

Yes, we have an unconventional relationship

Yes, we have an unconventional relationship

Some time last year I decided to go back to college and finally get my masters. It seemed like a great idea. I love engineering, I knew I could get into a decent university very easily with my degree and professional experience, and I’d have a great time being a student again. I look younger than I am and wouldn’t have any problems socialising with my younger classmates. It would be fun!

I was right on most of those counts, except I’d forgotten just how much work an engineering degree actually takes. More than that: I feel like I should have appreciated my good, steady salary better before I gave it up for a life of busy weekdays and busy weekends. I’m in love with the project I will be doing (seriously, it really is awesome). Since I had most of my modules this term, I’m currently a little overwhelmed by the coursework, but next term I’ll barely have any contact hours and will therefore be focusing on my incredibly, wonderfully, unbelievably amazing project. Argh, I can’t wait!

Bear with me; I swear I have a point here.

Where was I? Oh, steady salary. I gave up a good salary to do the masters, but I didn’t want to rely on Mr Kitty for everything because that wouldn’t be fair, so I took a waitressing job at a local hotel. The work is as hard as expected but it’s oddly liberating to know that even if you mess up, the worst that can happen is that a customer might be slightly unhappy for a day or so. I’m more used to knowing that if I mess up I might cause someone’s death. No real-life consequences is definitely a plus.

I found a bigger plus: young, unattached, Eastern European men.

Before we moved here, I had a crazy Russian friend who was up for everything in bed. He was my best fuck ever, and it would be hard to top him. He was so into it that I couldn’t help but keep coming back for more. The only times I didn’t meet him for casual sex were when he was in a vanilla relationship. When we moved here he moved back to Russia, removing any chance I could have had of meeting him for fun times together again. I really missed those meet-ups, but have been unable to meet someone as up for it as him.

Until now, I hope.

I’ve been open about my unconventional relationship with people at my current work. I didn’t mention chastity, but they know that we have some sort of open thing going on. As usual, no one really cares all that much and it hasn’t been mentioned again after the typical questions. That is, no one except for one guy.

This guy was flirty with me from the beginning, until he realised that the ring on my finger is an engagement ring. He immediately stopped flirting after that, which is a shame because I love flirting. After he found out that I was allowed and even encouraged by Mr Kitty to meet other people, he was interested again but still seemed a little reluctant to do anything. In the past, I found that many guys will happily have sex with me as long as Mr Kitty isn’t around. They’re scared that he will beat them up or something for having sex with his girlfriend. To me, that can only mean two things: 1) they clearly don’t believe me when I say it’s allowed, and 2) they have no issues with helping me “cheat” as long as they don’t get into trouble. That’s fine for a one-night stand, but not for a fuck buddy.

When I asked my coworker if he was scared of getting into trouble, he said something along the lines of “no, you said he likes it!” Good answer.

His shift pattern has changed so I never see him in work anymore. I gave him my phone number on Facebook (as per his request) and he said he would ring me so I’d have his number. He rang one day and we had a brief chat. In that phone call, I said my usual “we should meet up some time”. His answer was: “As friends or for a quick fuck?”

And that’s why I like Eastern European men. No beating around the bush. I think I’ll keep this one, thanks.

I’ll only be available for anything after Christmas, and there’s a chance that he might go back to his native Romania before I can actually meet him. I really, really hope he stays. If he’s a decent fuck I might have found my new fun crazy friend.

Meanwhile, Mr Kitty is still awaiting his final orgasm of the year. I can’t decide whether it should be reserved for Christmas Eve/Day, well before Christmas so that he can squirm and suffer his full-blown horniness for the remainder of the year, or just before the end of the year so he has the longest possible wait until he gets to cum. Decisions, decisions…

Male chastity and airport security

Male chastity and airport security

Four flights and three countries.

We went on a mostly unplanned trip to see what is now our definite wedding venue. The problem was that there are no direct flights from here, so we decided to fly to where our families live, and from there to our actual destination. Yes, it’s a very special venue!

With all the airports, we had to consider how we would deal with keeping Mr Kitty in chastity. We’re used to airport security, but it’s not often that we have to go through security together several times in the space of a few days. I normally let Mr Kitty remain unlocked when he goes on his business trips. After all, they are so brief and to the point that he has neither the time nor the desire (or privacy, really) to do anything he shouldn’t be doing. If the trip is any longer than a day at his destination, we always discuss beforehand how to proceed, whether I’ll be there with him or not.

We have two approaches for this:

Going without the device

This doesn’t mean staying unlocked for the whole trip, but going through airport security without the device. The easiest way to do this, for us at least, is to let Mr Kitty keep the device on until he gets to the airport. He carries the tagged key with him. Before security, he goes into the toilet where he takes a picture of the unbroken tag plus the device. Then he breaks the tag and uses the key to unlock himself. Once past security, he puts the device back on, adds a new tag to the key and takes another picture of both the new tag and his locked up bits. This way, he can be securely locked regardless of whether I’m there to check or not. 😉
This is really good for longer travel, as there is no time limit for how long he can stay in the device (just like when he’s at home) and the logistics are almost the same as usual for us, except that he gets to keep the key instead of handing it back to me.

Non-metallic chastity device

A while ago (ok, a few years ago at this stage!) we got a small silicone device for cheap off the internet, which we sometimes use as the device for travelling. It’s not massively practical for anything else, as silicone is usually far too soft for chastity devices and doesn’t offer much security. For travelling though, it’s very comfortable and, most importantly, doesn’t trip off the metal detector when used with a plastic tag instead of a padlock. We haven’t had any experiences with the millimeter wave scanners that were trialled at our local airport, or with being frisked while wearing the device, but I would expect that airport security officers have seen it all by now and wouldn’t consider it some sort of weird security concern.

We’ve never considered using our steel chastity device to go through airport security because I’d rather not have a very anxious Mr Kitty, or a much lengthier time going through security.


This time, I chose the first option. Due to the unplanned nature of the trip we ended up crashing at a family friend’s apartment for a few days, so I didn’t re-lock Mr Kitty until we were back to having more privacy. Chastity devices aren’t very practical when your accommodation is someone’s sitting room!

Orgasm control and the endless sex session

Orgasm control and the endless sex session

Kittyslave orgasms: 1

4 to go.

Yes, I’ve been feeling really fuzzy and horny and everything else lately, which has resulted in a ridiculous amount of sex. I blame it on Mr Kitty’s parents’ absence. I’m also not used to being around Mr Kitty for that many hours, so maybe that had an effect too! He’s been trying his best to sync his sleep pattern with mine while I’m enjoying these glorious days of not doing anything remotely productive, and even though it still feels a little weird, it’s actually quite nice to have some proper free time together. Which, of course, makes me horny and leads to sex. *cough* I mean, love-making…


In all this time he’s been allowed to cum only once. I’m amazed at his ability to hold back these days! It used to not be like that. He never came prematurely or anything, but I couldn’t realistically expect him to go on for a long time without losing quality, getting soft, or finishing. We’ve tried to come up with a reason for him to have improved so much, and the only thing we can think of is the regular edging. I noticed that the time that he came, he continued on with sex without any visible discomfort, and without losing the hard-on at all. I don’t know how I never noticed before. The other times, when he wasn’t allowed to orgasm, we had sex until I was completely sexed out. He definitely enjoyed it, but without struggling against a need to orgasm.

A quick Google search for “edging and premature ejaculation” shows that, apparently, edging to combat premature ejaculation is actually a thing. It makes sense, but I never really thought about it. I guess I also never noticed Mr Kitty’s ability to continue fucking me after he cums because I rarely let him get there, and if I do, my goal is specifically being filled with cum, not so much getting several orgasms.

I unlocked him each time, putting him back in the cage, so his cock was all safe where it belongs. Well, except for a little injury, anyway. Mr Kitty managed to hurt himself with his PA in such a way that the only symptom appeared when he put the chastity device back on. The symptom? A sensation of being in the middle of peeing. He found it disconcerting because he had to keep checking that he was, in fact, still dry. Thinking back, the cause was one slightly-too-forceful thrust with a badly positioned piercing. The solution was avoiding the PA attachment of the chastity device for a day. It’s amazing how quickly a penile injury can heal.

Looking fuckable.
Looking fuckable.

All’s well that ends well.


Never assume

Never assume

You know that saying, “Never ASSUME, because when you ASSUME, you make an ASS of U and ME.”? Well, in this household, assuming earns you a spanking.

I’m annoyed at Mr Kitty because he assumed that if I was horny one night, when he clearly wouldn’t be able to perform due to tiredness, I would be horny the next night, AND would allow him to actually have sex with me. Hah. As if.

He was right in that I did get horny; very horny, in fact. But that’s what dildos are for, right? And slave tongues? My own fingers? Yes, all those things got used. His cock didn’t.

I shouldn’t even refer to it as a cock on this blog anyway, what with being so useless in its little metal cage that he might as well have a clit instead of a cock. But no, a cock is better. A cock lets me tease him by stroking him on the exposed bits, through the gaps of the chastity device, without ever running the risk of giving him actual, physical, orgasm-inducing pleasure. A clit would let him just play with himself. I don’t want that.

I should find out when was the last time I let him have an orgasm. Or really, how many times he’s had an orgasm since I started this blog. If it’s any more than 20, he gets punished. Either way, there’s 4 full months till the end of the year, and I don’t intend to let him cum more than 5 times.



In other news, my uber busy spell is soon coming to an end. Yay! Almost there. Also, I think we’ve found the perfect wedding venue. We just need to visit it, which will happen next month because it’s two flights away… I was hoping to look for a venue next year, since the wedding is ages away (and thank god for that. I don’t need any more stress right now!) but this place is very popular so it has to be done. As much as I hate weddings, I’m really looking forward to the travelling bit.

Funnily enough, the very first decision we made after we got engaged, before I even picked my ring, was that there’s no way in hell he’s fucking me on the wedding night. It’s either group sex or anal for him. We’ll see.

Omg, I got rejected!

Omg, I got rejected!

On the last day of our short holiday, I stayed over at Mr Kitty’s parents’ house. We needed to get up at 4am to catch our flight back home, and since his parents were giving us a lift to the airport, the logistics were easier that way.

Mr Kitty had a small, superficial cock injury (caused by the device, it seems) so I let him stay unlocked out of pity. It’s not like he’d be wanking around his parents anyway, and I thought the injury would prevent any attempts. I was wrong. It wasn’t so much an injury, but a mild scrape that didn’t hurt enough to stop him. Grrr. Thankfully, he still knows better than to cum without my permission.

His parents have a very large house, which doubles as a guest house of sorts. As it turns out, my kittyslave’s old bedroom is now part of the rooms on offer to tourists so we had to stay at the crappiest little bedroom in the house. The one with the thinnest walls ever. To make matters worse, I was very, very horny.

I’m ashamed to say that I tried everything to seduce the hell out of Mr Kitty. It worked. Sort of.


It didn’t.

I mean, he got hard. He got really horny. He wanted to fuck the living daylights out of me. I know that. Am I trying to reassure myself by writing this? >_< Honestly, he seemed to be all for it. I swear. And yet it didn’t happen.

I got rejected! By my normally locked up slave! It was awful!!! All because of thin walls and family. Apparently, Mr Kitty has a real issue with having sex at his parents’ house. He says it’s a turnoff, even if I promise to be quiet, and he’s clearly not physically turned off. He also refused to do it while “the guest next door could probably hear us breathing”. Yes, he said that. Considering that this room used to be his brother’s room, I somehow doubt it’s that bad. But hey, it’s not my childhood home, is it?

Next time we’ll just stay in a hotel, and he’ll stay locked up and fuck me with a strap on dildo. That will fix the turn off problem…

FYI, I ended up using my own little fingers in the end, and no one complained about any noise. Or breathing.

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