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Pimpin’ Mr Kitty

Pimpin’ Mr Kitty

After our discussion about encouraging bisexual encounters, I’ve thought long and hard about the most appropriate way to proceed, as I prefer to have a framework to ensure that the needs of both of us are met. I considered two possible approaches:

  1. Change the contract to enforce scheduled bisexual encounters, whether it be on a predefined interval plan or as a consequence of certain actions.
  2. Use my authority to encourage him ad-hoc, whenever I feel like the encounters should be required.

As far as I can see, both of these approaches present advantages and disadvantages. I have a real issue with not being in full control of our little game. Yes, I am a control freak… which means that Option 1 may not work because I’m likely to feel too restricted by it if I have to follow it for any length of time. On the other hand, it would require much less direct involvement than the approach where I’d decide when I felt like having him meet some guy, which could be useful in certain circumstances. 

I have decided, after much consideration, that I will adopt a hybrid system. I still have to iron out details but I’m hoping it will work like this:

  • Article 25 of the contract definitely needs to be relaxed. It will be rephrased to accommodate the new system, once Mr Kitty and I decide on a new wording that pleases both of us.
  • Whenever I’m able, I will take the ad-hoc approach (Option 2, above), but allowing Mr Kitty to remind me if I don’t actively press him to do it in a long time, so that I can’t become lazy or simply forget, resulting in his needs not being met. How long is a long time will have to be decided together, although it will only be a reminder, and I don’t need to act on it if I don’t want to.
  • For times when I’m too busy to keep up with the ‘encouragement’ plan, I will revert to an interval or consequence of actions approach (Option 1, above), with prior notification and consent from Mr Kitty. (After all, he’s the one who’ll be getting ass fucked, not me!) Ideally, this option will only be followed for a maximum time which must still be decided, but I’d be worried if it ends up being more than a couple of months, at the very most. We will then go back to the previous approach as soon as possible.

I still have to tell Mr Kitty the new terms for his request. Hopefully he’s fine with them. If he’s not… well, he’s not the one that decides, is he? I will involve him in the details because it’s only fair, but the broad strokes of my little framework will be implemented as stated. I’m sure it’s all that he was hoping for. 😉

Despite the fact that we have not yet discussed this in full, we already have a candidate to help things along. We will be meeting him this week for a bit of initial fun, just to make sure that he is what we are looking for. We needed someone who is bisexual because I refuse to be left out if I want to participate, but he also needed to be fine with meeting Mr Kitty on his own, when the situation arises. So far this guy appears to be what we need, but we’ll see how it goes.

Sometimes it’s not topping from the bottom

Sometimes it’s not topping from the bottom

I had a fairly good day at work. When I got home, Mr Kitty was so sleepy that I was scared he might fall asleep halfway through making my tea. Apparently the plumber called today but didn’t think to mention what time he should be expected, so Mr Kitty spent the whole day (his night) awake. My poor thing.

As I had my tea, and he his coffee, we talked for a bit… and soon we were on a bed, my jumper pulled up exposing my boobs, with him sucking on them. It caught me completely off guard. I didn’t think he had the energy to do anything at all, let alone sexy worship. After I had my orgasm I lay on the bed next to him, quietly trying to catch my breath. In the silence of the bedroom I got distracted by the happy clouds that I could see out the window from the bed. Today was a lovely sunny day, and I swear the clouds looked like the happy ones in Super Mario! I got pulled back to reality by my kittyslave, who appeared to be falling asleep. He was turning to lie on his belly when he let out a random “Ow!!!” The cause? Horniness of course! He was so attempted hard that his change of position made his caged penis move in a weird way, and apparently that hurt. At least it woke him a little…

However, the sleepiness was definitely affecting him. He said he wanted to talk about something that has been bothering him.

You see, Mr Kitty has always considered himself straight, but in the context of chastity, he becomes really cock hungry. It’s very cute. These days he thinks of himself as bisexual in the strictly sexual sense, although he still has no attraction for men, just for their cocks. In particular, for their cocks in his ass or mouth. I’m fine with that.

Well, he wanted to ask me if I could not just condone his bisexual encounters, but actively encourage them. I don’t take lightly to topping from the bottom and he knows it. So he must have realised that I wouldn’t consider it topping from the bottom even though it is, strictly speaking. His reasoning, which I agree with, is that he wants the slavey feelings that come from being objectified by another man, but he can’t bring himself to do it of his own accord (as stated by the contract) unless I make him do it, because then he’s following my orders.

There are three relevant articles on our slave contract:

20. …the goddess will keep the slave as sexually engaged as if he were not a slave, with regular engagement in teasing and torture activities, slave training, cuckold/bi activities or anything else the goddess sees fit.

21. …for encounters with men the slave can only take part in activities that do not require release.

25. It is the slave’s responsibility to stay sexually entertained and avoid boredom by engaging in whatever sexually activity is available to a locked up slave including … sexual encounters with men…

He only gets off on the idea of having sex with men as part of his chastity, and his craving evaporates away as soon as he’s unlocked. But he’s too shy and scared (awh!) to do it if I’m not present, so he wants me to command him to do it.

On the one hand, that’s essentially him telling me what to do. On the other hand, I see myself as the custodian of his sexual pleasure and I like the idea of telling him to meet up with men every once in a while, without me being there. I’ve changed my mind a little on Article 25 since it was written because I feel like I shouldn’t have a clause that essentially allows me to have a hands-off approach to chastity, even if that’s not how I live it at all. So I’m considering softening it a little, maybe not have it as such an absolute, but a clause pertaining only to times when I’m too busy to do much with him, and with previous notice of the temporary change of dynamics.

Either way, I think he’s right and I’d like to encourage him to explore his sexuality on his own every once in a while. It might even turn into a nice reward once he gets enough confidence. Now I only need to decide on the new wording for Article 25, and which of our possible candidates will be asked to help Mr Kitty with his exploration. ^_^

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