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Punishment and success

Punishment and success

I’ve been a bad keyholder this week. I had a massive assignment due this week, plus project work, plus studying for my exams, plus work work, and then I got a sore throat and my body decided to do the girly thing. Ugh. I’ve been getting horrific mood swings. I don’t think I’m very fun to be around at the moment, and I really question how Mr Kitty can put up with me. Though sexual frustration and wetness aside, he seems to be happy enough.


He has been so frustrated and submissive it’s almost painful to watch. Almost, except for when he can’t stop worshipping my body. Ok, it’s actually kinda nice. But I was feeling ever so slightly sorry for him because I’m way too busy to do anything sexy at the moment, so I told him he was allowed to use toys. Now the question is: should we count anal orgasms in his tally for the year? I’m leaning towards letting them go uncounted, since they don’t seem to relieve his sexual frustration anyway. Even after getting one of those, he’s still randomly stopping me to suck on my nipples, kiss my belly or caress my ass. He says those orgasms are nice while they’re happening, but once they’re over, he remembers that he is still locked up without access to his cock. Apparently, that makes anal orgasms evil. Locked-up guy logic.

He asked a few times when he will be unlocked. At first, I let him know that realistically, it will probably be after my exams when I’ll consider letting him go free. He thought an early June release is insanely harsh but he didn’t complain. After a while he brought it up again, and again, and it got very annoying. I ended up having to spank him to help him fall back into good behaviour (he’s not allowed to beg for freedom). I only hit him five times with a paddle, but I hit him quite hard, possibly too hard. His ass turned red straight away. I asked him, on a scale of 0 to 10, how painful the spanks were. He gave them a 10. I asked him again, because I wanted a truthful answer. He changed it to a 5, but only “if 10 is death by spanking”. I guess in real terms it would be about an 8. Such a brief spanking, but such a great effect! He became malleable and compliant, and not at all annoying. We stayed in bed together while I gave him rubs and cuddles and he rubbed his locked up cock on me, in that cute little frustrated way of his. He commented on how he had a stingy ass, an asshole with that “freshly fucked” feeling, and a very attempted hard little cock, leaking precum. Meanwhile, he squirmed and groped me.

For the past few days he has been texting with a man from this area who is also in chastity. I don’t know any details but I wonder how many people in this town have tried chastity. We live in one of those places where everything looks leafy and idyllic in that old classic British way (Hot Fuzz anyone?), but as soon as you delve deeper you start to find that there’s a strong tendency towards kink, more than in other cities in which I’ve lived. It’s a funny place.

My mother really enjoyed her visit. She came with a friend and they mostly did their own thing. In fact, she was a thousand times better than I expected. No bad comments, no suspicious looks. She raved about how lovely Mr Kitty was towards her, how great our town is, how nice and clean we keep our house and even how well behaved our cat is. Yay! I feel like she’s finally forgotten all her weird internalised issues with us. Phew.

Knowledge and power

Knowledge and power

I think everyone can admit to having wondered what goes on behind their neighbours’ closed doors. I know I have, all the time. It’s not so much that I’m nosy, but that humans are such an interesting species, with such a wide range of quirks, hobbies, responsibilities and everything else, that I can’t help but wonder what’s out there, and where.

Our energy company has been trying to fix some problems with their network over the last few days, leading to intermittent power cuts. The first time it happened, we immediately took to the window to see if it was just us. It wasn’t: everyone else was also in the dark. Heh, at least I know we have something in common with our neighbours.

I think the network issue has been fixed, as no cuts have happened today. That’s great news for us. We can get our work done again and Netflix is back! I like to have something on in the background as I work because I find the black expanse of our tv too intimidating. Call me weird, but that’s what growing up with scary movies does to you. So today I had Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window as my background movie. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the plot here, and no, I don’t think my neighbours have murdered anyone. I did, however, decide to finally take a parcel to the slightly creepy building across the road from us. It was delivered to us because the recipient wasn’t home when Royal Mail called. I probably shouldn’t say it’s creepy. I didn’t think it was until I was climbing up the excessively steep stairs to their front door. It looks like an apartment building, but instead of being divided into flats, it’s just the one family home.

When I got to the front door at the top of the stone stairs I noticed a few parcels hidden away in the shrubs. Unkempt front garden and no doorbell. The front door had a plain glass pane and no blinds to conceal the interior of the building. I could see right through the ground floor, all the way to an also unkempt back garden. In the hallway, there was a baby stair gate, a couple of empty bottles of whiskey and too many letters and parcels to count. The strange thing is that they were neatly placed on the second step of the stairs, so someone had been there to do it (unless the postman has a key to the house).

It made me think about how little we know about our neighbours, and how little they must know about us. They know where we’re from due to the unescapable accent. They must have an idea of what our schedules are like. They know our cat is a murderess. If our next-door neighbours keep an eye out (and I know they do) and if they can hear well, chances are they also know that we’re not the most vanilla of couples.

What are the chances that they’ve heard about male chastity? I might be wrong, but I don’t think they are too small. Could they practise it themselves? Probably not. I quickly added up who knows about our chastity game: my closest girlfriends from school, some of my university friends from my undergrad, a couple of good friends from my previous job. On Mr Kitty’s side, no one. More people know about the allowed openness to the relationship, including some of Mr Kitty’s friends, but some don’t realise that I decide our limits. None of my childhood friends know anything kinky about us. As far as they can see, we’re just a couple with a very strong relationship. Neither does our family, long may it stay that way!

My mother is coming to visit us, for the first time ever, next week. We couldn’t be more nervous. I’ve been hiding our sex toys but also making plans for the deepest spring clean we can achieve with our limited time. My mother has a sixth sense for detecting the slightest of oddities and blowing them out of proportion. I have visions of her stepping into our house and instantly conjuring up mental images of drug-fuelled sexual depravity. Worst of all, she will never tell me whatever she imagines. It might be innocuous. It might be nothing. It might be a display worthy of inclusion on the Marquis de Sade’s toilet paper. And I will never know what image I’ll be forever fighting against.

I’m a control freak and I don’t like unknown enemies.

I should be happy to see my mother. I am happy, sort of. I just don’t like having my fortress breached by a force bigger than my own. Is there such a thing as mummy issues? If so, I should probably look into it.


I’m definitely developing a bit of an obsession with Mr Kitty’s little ass. I’ve always given him love gropes, but I find myself fingering him a lot more often these days. I still haven’t fucked him yet, at least not with the strap on, just with dildos I’ve held with my hands. He makes the cutest of moans and they make me melt. He’s also been docile like a kitten, and has even grown his beard longer than usual because stroking it relaxes me. With his stress relieving ways, my Mr Kitty is probably the best study aid I’ve ever had.

Arghhh family!!!

Arghhh family!!!

Woah I have free time again! Yay!!! After having the busiest time ever (ever!!!) I’m way too excited about finally being on my summer holiday. Yes, I realise that autumn starts this month, and the autumn weather has already started, but I’m going to pretend that it’s summer forever anyway. Or at least until I start my postgrad in October. I can’t wait!!!

We had Mr Kitty’s parents over for a while. I’m lucky that my in-laws are lovely and never try to meddle in our life… but also unlucky because due to living in different countries, any visits must be at least a few days long. This would be fine if I had the gift of hospitality, but I don’t. I can usually pretend that I’m not shy with other people, but for some reason that doesn’t work with my in-laws and, given our history, I feel very uncomfortable around them. But hey, at least they’re some of the nicest people ever. It could be much worse.

Unfortunately, with me finishing up at work and with Mr Kitty’s parents around all the time, very little sexing happened, of any kind. I don’t understand how there’s couples out there who choose to live with parents. I mean, no offence to anyone, but I personally couldn’t do it. We had to hide sex toys, harnesses, etc., and essentially change our daily routine while they were here, because our daily lives revolve so much around each other that accommodating other people into our lives for more than a few days can be a little challenging. I suspect it would be easier if we were a conventional vanilla couple. There’d probably be fewer instances of having to stop myself from giving him the occasional ass grope,  lest his mum sees it! I’m definitely feeling a lot of sympathy for kinky couples with children.

Either way, Mr Kitty is still locked up and still hasn’t had an orgasm. And no, I don’t think five orgasms in the four months that are left in the year is lenient. It’s certainly not strict, but considering my occasional need for being filled with cum, I think it’s a perfectly adequate number. I’m not going to have unprotected sex with someone other than Mr Kitty, so his cum will have to do.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my rediscovered freedom! I’m not fully sure that Mr Kitty can say the same thing though. He’s getting groped and fingered like a girl a lot more than usual, and lately if I lick the ‘seam’ on his balls, he gets hard and squirmy almost instantly. It’s so much fun. ^_^



Ah, family

Ah, family

We are spending the weekend in Mr Kitty’s home town, visiting his parents, who bought us the plane tickets because it’s his birthday. Due to our family dynamics and somewhat unconventional family history, I prefer to stay at my sister’s house, while Mr Kitty stays with his parents. The arrangement works well for us, although I find it hard not to miss him despite our frequent meet ups. It also means that we are rarely together for traditional family gatherings like birthdays and Christmas. I’m not very traditional myself, so it doesn’t bother me.


I grew up in a very traditional family. Religion was a big part; in particular, my mother’s flavour of Protestantism. She never approved of my relationship with Mr Kitty, and it’s only recently that she has come to accept him as part of the family. My sister was much of the same. While I rejected my mother’s sense of morality when I reached adulthood, my sister embraced it, made it her own, and then became even more conservative than my mother in her beliefs. We don’t mention our different views in an attempt to keep the peace. This requires so much skirting around certain subjects that it almost feels like I’m living in a PG family sitcom. To their credit, my family have become much more tolerant than before. They don’t even call it ‘living in sin’ anymore! Just… never ever refer to it.

I know it’s more difficult for them than it is for me because I’m used to hiding whole aspects of my life from certain people. This blog is one of them. The chastity thing. The fact that my relationship with Mr Kitty was kept hidden from both of our families for its first couple of years (that’s a whole story unto itself!). I’m very open with my friends, and yet my family barely knows me at all. I wonder what they’d think if they found out that I keep my kittyslave locked up in a chastity cage. What would Mr Kitty’s family think? His parents are as traditional as mine, but since they’re only cultural Catholics (as opposed to practising Catholics) they don’t seem to have much of an issue with any of the things that used to concern my family.

I doubt anyone in either family suspects that we’re into anything unusual. Kinky, yes, but only because that’s almost expected of the family oddball. Probably not anything as out there as male chastity. But looking at my sister, for example, with her postcard life of a husband and a toddler, really makes me wonder. I personally know a lot of people who have tried kinky things, most of which found out that it wasn’t for them. But they did try. Do people like my sister ever try these things? People who feel honoured when the pastor visits their house? Who would openly criticise me, Bible in one hand, for not living my life the way they do?

I love my family. Really, I do. I have reasons to resent them, yes, but they are my family and I know they want the best for me. Still, I’m very grateful for the narrow strip of sea and the country borders that separate their lives from mine. I’m also grateful that the internet exists, and Whatsapp, and cheap flights, so that I can keep in touch with them regardless of the distance. Would I live in the same town as them? Hell no. But in small amounts, they’re alright.

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