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Recovery, chastity and hospitals

Recovery, chastity and hospitals

While I recover from my exams, Mr Kitty is recovering from a hospital procedure. Nothing major, just a quick endoscopy. His recovery is more psychological than physical. First, he went from not being scared of the procedure at all to dreading it (my fault. He seemed so chill that I accidentally mentioned what some of my older friends have said about getting it done). Then he was shaken by the fact that the sedative used in the endoscopy didn’t work, as the hospital used the same stuff that is already part of his usual medication. Not a huge deal, but he said it was very unpleasant. Finally, when I picked him up from the hospital, he was required to go from this:free penis

to this:

locked up penis

That was two days ago. It took a lot of effort on my part to get him back into his cage. Effort that shouldn’t have been necessary. In fairness to him, he did eventually give me a lot of fun when I needed de-stressing towards the end of the exam period, but that doesn’t justify his disobedience in following my orders. I know he was having an internal struggle between wanting to be free, with an accessible cock, and wanting to be controlled by me and submissive to me. He would talk at length about sexy things he’d like to do for me, wanting to offer himself up to me, but as soon as I pointed out that he doesn’t get in that selfless mood unless he’s locked up, he would bring up all sorts of excuses. “I was gonna get locked up after our walk”. “I wanted to shave before putting the device on”. Eventually he admitted: “I’ve run out of excuses”.

At the moment he is wearing his chastity device with an anal plug attachment, which I’ll let him remove when I feel like it. I’m stricter with him than usual. I will continue to be until he goes back to following my orders without needing to defy or struggle against them. He wants to be good, he’s just out of practice. I will give him enough homework to practice.

Punishment and success

Punishment and success

I’ve been a bad keyholder this week. I had a massive assignment due this week, plus project work, plus studying for my exams, plus work work, and then I got a sore throat and my body decided to do the girly thing. Ugh. I’ve been getting horrific mood swings. I don’t think I’m very fun to be around at the moment, and I really question how Mr Kitty can put up with me. Though sexual frustration and wetness aside, he seems to be happy enough.


He has been so frustrated and submissive it’s almost painful to watch. Almost, except for when he can’t stop worshipping my body. Ok, it’s actually kinda nice. But I was feeling ever so slightly sorry for him because I’m way too busy to do anything sexy at the moment, so I told him he was allowed to use toys. Now the question is: should we count anal orgasms in his tally for the year? I’m leaning towards letting them go uncounted, since they don’t seem to relieve his sexual frustration anyway. Even after getting one of those, he’s still randomly stopping me to suck on my nipples, kiss my belly or caress my ass. He says those orgasms are nice while they’re happening, but once they’re over, he remembers that he is still locked up without access to his cock. Apparently, that makes anal orgasms evil. Locked-up guy logic.

He asked a few times when he will be unlocked. At first, I let him know that realistically, it will probably be after my exams when I’ll consider letting him go free. He thought an early June release is insanely harsh but he didn’t complain. After a while he brought it up again, and again, and it got very annoying. I ended up having to spank him to help him fall back into good behaviour (he’s not allowed to beg for freedom). I only hit him five times with a paddle, but I hit him quite hard, possibly too hard. His ass turned red straight away. I asked him, on a scale of 0 to 10, how painful the spanks were. He gave them a 10. I asked him again, because I wanted a truthful answer. He changed it to a 5, but only “if 10 is death by spanking”. I guess in real terms it would be about an 8. Such a brief spanking, but such a great effect! He became malleable and compliant, and not at all annoying. We stayed in bed together while I gave him rubs and cuddles and he rubbed his locked up cock on me, in that cute little frustrated way of his. He commented on how he had a stingy ass, an asshole with that “freshly fucked” feeling, and a very attempted hard little cock, leaking precum. Meanwhile, he squirmed and groped me.

For the past few days he has been texting with a man from this area who is also in chastity. I don’t know any details but I wonder how many people in this town have tried chastity. We live in one of those places where everything looks leafy and idyllic in that old classic British way (Hot Fuzz anyone?), but as soon as you delve deeper you start to find that there’s a strong tendency towards kink, more than in other cities in which I’ve lived. It’s a funny place.

My mother really enjoyed her visit. She came with a friend and they mostly did their own thing. In fact, she was a thousand times better than I expected. No bad comments, no suspicious looks. She raved about how lovely Mr Kitty was towards her, how great our town is, how nice and clean we keep our house and even how well behaved our cat is. Yay! I feel like she’s finally forgotten all her weird internalised issues with us. Phew.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement

I was very nice to Mr Kitty these past few days because he was lovely and well-behaved. I thought he might need a break from being in his metal cage, so I let him stay unlocked. This also allowed me to inspect the cage properly, to make sure that no other material issues will crop up.

Of course, I didn’t allow him to orgasm. He could wank as much as he wanted, but not orgasm. I wouldn’t call it edging because, despite my teasing, a lot of the pleasuring was done primarily by him with a little of my help. It made his sex drive go crazy! Now that he’s back in his cage, I feel like he might explode it through sheer internal pressure. Thankfully, a little cock is no match for cold, hard steel. 😉

Speaking of cages…

In this other post I mentioned that I like to use an online randomiser to get codes for the safe. Heh, sometimes there are pitfalls with this method! For example, my kittyslave had to reject the latest code I gave him because he realised that he’d remember it a little too easily. It was 19834561. 1983, his year of birth, 3456… 1. Seriously, sometimes random is so memorable. For those analytically minded, the randomiser website has an explanation for randomness not looking quite that random.

In other news, I seem to have taken up control of another cock by chance. I don’t know for how long as it’s more of an online friendship, but I suppose I will do it for as long as it’s fun. I’m realising that thinking about controlling other cocks gives me a weird, lighter version of a power trip. It’s pretty cool. If my job didn’t take up as much time as it does, I would seriously consider building myself a little army of locked up boys…

As I typed that, a very cute naked Mr Kitty came to me and asked, in the most adorable way ever, “can I be fucked tonight? Pwease?”. I’m too tired to say yes, and I didn’t want him thinking that I’d do it just because he wants to… so I put a butt plug in him instead. That’ll do — until tomorrow at least. Then he might regret having asked.


Keys, tags and safe codes

Keys, tags and safe codes

When it comes to male chastity, I’m a lazy keyholder. I want the experience to be as effortless as possible. Being very absent-minded and prone to losing things, I knew that asking me to keep the key to Mr Kitty’s cock was asking for trouble. Neither of us wanted to deal with the possibility of ending up in A&E, with a doctor using power tools on his sensitive bits! So we needed a system that required little effort on my part and where I didn’t need to know where the key is at all times.

The solution we’ve come up with is a hybrid system that uses safe codes and tags, depending on our needs at any particular time.

We keep one of the keys for the device in a safe with an electronic code lock. I set the code, of course. When Mr Kitty is allowed to get unlocked, I tell him the digits as he keys them in, so that he can’t write them down somewhere. To prevent him from learning the code off, I change it periodically. Most times, I just get an 8-digit number from

If I’m away and kittyslave needs to be unlocked, I sometimes just send him an SMS text with the code. He’s required to delete the text right after use. The only issue is that while I trust him, I don’t trust his horniness! So this method of code delivery is only ever used for medical reasons or when I’m allowing him to stay unlocked for a few days. For example, I often let him stay unlocked when he goes on business trips, to save on hassle at the airport. These trips happen a few times a year, but the most they ever take is two days. Since I know that he’ll be way too busy to even think about anything sexual, I don’t mind unlocking him. When he’s back, there’s a fresh safe code and a metal cage waiting for him. =]

The other key to the chastity device is kept by me. I like to keep it in my handbag, since I use the same handbag most days, and therefore the key is always with me. Mr Kitty had the idea of putting the key inside the holder of a True Utility MiniDriver (a keyring screwdriver set. Very handy!). We add a tagged cable tie to the holder, in such a way that the tie must be cut before the key can be taken out.

This way, when Mr Kitty gets unlocked, he must always remove the tag. On locking up, he adds a new tag and takes a picture showing both his locked up cock, and the tagged key. The tag eliminates the risk of him using the key while I’m asleep, for example.


We’ve been using this system for a long time now, and it’s never given us any issues. We arrived at it through trial and error. I suspect that’s how most couples get to their own systems. I hope this information helps someone to get to their perfect setup a little quicker!

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