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Practical considerations

Practical considerations

I’m not sure how I feel about full-on, 24/7, 365 day chastity. As a concept, it sounds fun in the same way that living in a theme park sounds fun. You can eat all the candy floss in the world! Until you realise that it’s sickly sweet and kind of awful without offsetting it with savoury foods. I know there’s people out there who aim to keep their submissives locked up all the time, but that isn’t for me. I like unlocking Mr Kitty every once in a while because I really love his cock.

I’m going to sound like a bitch, but most times I’ve seen people claiming to keep their subs locked up forever and without any breaks, I just assume they’re lying. Why? Because life still goes on in spite of our kinks, and sometimes there are practical considerations that make chastity devices very inconvenient. I mentioned Mr Kitty’s health issues, but did I mention that I’ve been half dead with a cold for about two weeks? Even then, pausing the use of chastity devices doesn’t only happen when one or both partners are sick, or down, or grieving, or any number of things. If you’ve ever had an ingrown hair grow exactly where the ring of your chastity device hits, you know what I mean. And that is Mr Kitty’s current predicament.

In our case, letting Mr Kitty out of the device is never really a big deal. Some time ago we reached the point where the combination of teasing, cuddling, our respective daily routines and everything else somehow resulted in a very low likelihood that he will wank without permission. He’ll beg to be allowed, but so far he hasn’t slipped in a very long time (it might have happened in the past but if it has, it’s been so long that I can’t remember it). If his willpower isn’t enough he will tell me, though that’s also very rare because he doesn’t really get long enough breaks from the chastity device to have that problem. I like to keep him nicely locked up most of the time unless one of these things happens: sickness, injury, medical checkups and some forms of travel.

Even if I wanted to keep him in his cage for as long as possible, forgoing lovemaking, edging and playing with his cock, I can’t see how I’d be able to achieve that. Our main device is relatively open so everyday cleaning is easy enough, but it’s good to let him out on occasion so he can shave himself better. It’s also sensible to let him out if he has a pimple in an awkward place, or an ingrown hair. Every once in a while he injures himself with the PA while fucking me, and then he has to wear the device without the PA attachment. Realistically, that’s only a step away from being unlocked. I don’t feel guilty for letting him out when it’s necessary.

We’re lucky in that we’ve been doing this for years, so we have sussed out which device fits him well. That alone takes care of the biggest reason most people can’t go very long without getting unlocked. If we were still trying out devices and seeing which one works and which doesn’t, It’s extremely unlikely that I’d be able to keep him locked up for weeks at a time. I feel like those fake stories do a disservice to people who would like to try chastity, but aren’t quite at the point where they would be willing to pay more for a custom device, which may or may not be perfect the first time around.

Male chastity and airport security

Male chastity and airport security

Four flights and three countries.

We went on a mostly unplanned trip to see what is now our definite wedding venue. The problem was that there are no direct flights from here, so we decided to fly to where our families live, and from there to our actual destination. Yes, it’s a very special venue!

With all the airports, we had to consider how we would deal with keeping Mr Kitty in chastity. We’re used to airport security, but it’s not often that we have to go through security together several times in the space of a few days. I normally let Mr Kitty remain unlocked when he goes on his business trips. After all, they are so brief and to the point that he has neither the time nor the desire (or privacy, really) to do anything he shouldn’t be doing. If the trip is any longer than a day at his destination, we always discuss beforehand how to proceed, whether I’ll be there with him or not.

We have two approaches for this:

Going without the device

This doesn’t mean staying unlocked for the whole trip, but going through airport security without the device. The easiest way to do this, for us at least, is to let Mr Kitty keep the device on until he gets to the airport. He carries the tagged key with him. Before security, he goes into the toilet where he takes a picture of the unbroken tag plus the device. Then he breaks the tag and uses the key to unlock himself. Once past security, he puts the device back on, adds a new tag to the key and takes another picture of both the new tag and his locked up bits. This way, he can be securely locked regardless of whether I’m there to check or not. 😉
This is really good for longer travel, as there is no time limit for how long he can stay in the device (just like when he’s at home) and the logistics are almost the same as usual for us, except that he gets to keep the key instead of handing it back to me.

Non-metallic chastity device

A while ago (ok, a few years ago at this stage!) we got a small silicone device for cheap off the internet, which we sometimes use as the device for travelling. It’s not massively practical for anything else, as silicone is usually far too soft for chastity devices and doesn’t offer much security. For travelling though, it’s very comfortable and, most importantly, doesn’t trip off the metal detector when used with a plastic tag instead of a padlock. We haven’t had any experiences with the millimeter wave scanners that were trialled at our local airport, or with being frisked while wearing the device, but I would expect that airport security officers have seen it all by now and wouldn’t consider it some sort of weird security concern.

We’ve never considered using our steel chastity device to go through airport security because I’d rather not have a very anxious Mr Kitty, or a much lengthier time going through security.


This time, I chose the first option. Due to the unplanned nature of the trip we ended up crashing at a family friend’s apartment for a few days, so I didn’t re-lock Mr Kitty until we were back to having more privacy. Chastity devices aren’t very practical when your accommodation is someone’s sitting room!

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement

I was very nice to Mr Kitty these past few days because he was lovely and well-behaved. I thought he might need a break from being in his metal cage, so I let him stay unlocked. This also allowed me to inspect the cage properly, to make sure that no other material issues will crop up.

Of course, I didn’t allow him to orgasm. He could wank as much as he wanted, but not orgasm. I wouldn’t call it edging because, despite my teasing, a lot of the pleasuring was done primarily by him with a little of my help. It made his sex drive go crazy! Now that he’s back in his cage, I feel like he might explode it through sheer internal pressure. Thankfully, a little cock is no match for cold, hard steel. 😉

Speaking of cages…

In this other post I mentioned that I like to use an online randomiser to get codes for the safe. Heh, sometimes there are pitfalls with this method! For example, my kittyslave had to reject the latest code I gave him because he realised that he’d remember it a little too easily. It was 19834561. 1983, his year of birth, 3456… 1. Seriously, sometimes random is so memorable. For those analytically minded, the randomiser website has an explanation for randomness not looking quite that random.

In other news, I seem to have taken up control of another cock by chance. I don’t know for how long as it’s more of an online friendship, but I suppose I will do it for as long as it’s fun. I’m realising that thinking about controlling other cocks gives me a weird, lighter version of a power trip. It’s pretty cool. If my job didn’t take up as much time as it does, I would seriously consider building myself a little army of locked up boys…

As I typed that, a very cute naked Mr Kitty came to me and asked, in the most adorable way ever, “can I be fucked tonight? Pwease?”. I’m too tired to say yes, and I didn’t want him thinking that I’d do it just because he wants to… so I put a butt plug in him instead. That’ll do — until tomorrow at least. Then he might regret having asked.


Keys, tags and safe codes

Keys, tags and safe codes

When it comes to male chastity, I’m a lazy keyholder. I want the experience to be as effortless as possible. Being very absent-minded and prone to losing things, I knew that asking me to keep the key to Mr Kitty’s cock was asking for trouble. Neither of us wanted to deal with the possibility of ending up in A&E, with a doctor using power tools on his sensitive bits! So we needed a system that required little effort on my part and where I didn’t need to know where the key is at all times.

The solution we’ve come up with is a hybrid system that uses safe codes and tags, depending on our needs at any particular time.

We keep one of the keys for the device in a safe with an electronic code lock. I set the code, of course. When Mr Kitty is allowed to get unlocked, I tell him the digits as he keys them in, so that he can’t write them down somewhere. To prevent him from learning the code off, I change it periodically. Most times, I just get an 8-digit number from

If I’m away and kittyslave needs to be unlocked, I sometimes just send him an SMS text with the code. He’s required to delete the text right after use. The only issue is that while I trust him, I don’t trust his horniness! So this method of code delivery is only ever used for medical reasons or when I’m allowing him to stay unlocked for a few days. For example, I often let him stay unlocked when he goes on business trips, to save on hassle at the airport. These trips happen a few times a year, but the most they ever take is two days. Since I know that he’ll be way too busy to even think about anything sexual, I don’t mind unlocking him. When he’s back, there’s a fresh safe code and a metal cage waiting for him. =]

The other key to the chastity device is kept by me. I like to keep it in my handbag, since I use the same handbag most days, and therefore the key is always with me. Mr Kitty had the idea of putting the key inside the holder of a True Utility MiniDriver (a keyring screwdriver set. Very handy!). We add a tagged cable tie to the holder, in such a way that the tie must be cut before the key can be taken out.

This way, when Mr Kitty gets unlocked, he must always remove the tag. On locking up, he adds a new tag and takes a picture showing both his locked up cock, and the tagged key. The tag eliminates the risk of him using the key while I’m asleep, for example.


We’ve been using this system for a long time now, and it’s never given us any issues. We arrived at it through trial and error. I suspect that’s how most couples get to their own systems. I hope this information helps someone to get to their perfect setup a little quicker!

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