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Cageless chastity

Cageless chastity

Communication. That thing therapists insist is the key to a good relationship. One of the benefits of chastity is that it forces good communication, and not always in the ways that might be expected. Lately I’ve been finding different things about which Mr Kitty is embarrassed to talk to me about. While the discolouration of one side of his penis is now gone, he is still having some of the mostly medication-related skin problems that we discovered many months ago. They generally flare up in the form of small pimple-like blemishes, and the closer they are to his bits, the more embarrassed he is about them. I didn’t know this until I asked him to get back into his cage once the discolouration was gone. You know the way sometimes when children are naughty they become embarrassed straight away and won’t admit to their misconduct? Mr Kitty looked like a little boy wincing and blushing as I asked him to get locked up. He didn’t want to do it, but he also didn’t want to tell me why.

Eventually I got it out of him: he had a flareup in an inconvenient place. If he put on the chastity device, the rubbing of the metal against the pimple would cause him pain. This information alone was embarrassing to him. I asked him to show me where it was because I needed proof that there was a real reason for him to stay unlocked. It’s not that I don’t trust him… but I know better than to fully trust a possibly horny guy. He was mortified at the idea of me seeing it (I’m not sure why. It might have been painful but it was barely visible). As cute as he is when he’s embarrassed, I must admit that I felt bad for him.

This incident prompted a conversation about whether we need to use a chastity device at all, at least until some of the issues are fully resolved. I know some people do it this way and it works for them, so why not try it? After all, he has repeatedly shown that he can control his urges to wank when he’s not allowed. The only way he occasionally lets me down is by using toys without my permission, and that’s not something a chastity device can help with, anyhow. Surprisingly, he was completely against the idea of not using a chastity device. He said he couldn’t trust himself to just follow my rules without a physical deterrent. As it is, he can get so horny that he will do anything to get unlocked. It makes him so cooperative and obedient because he knows there is no other way. If his cock was free, he would eventually cave and misbehave. I guess when his skin issues arise, I’ll need to keep embarrassing him by checking when he can be locked up again. It’s his choice, but I’m glad he could be honest with me.

It only took a couple of days for the inconvenient pimple to heal, and I made him get locked up straight away. Well, I tried. In reality he did his routine of pretending to be meek but actually being very defiant. It went something like this:

Me: Get locked up.

Him: Ok. But… what if you want sex?

Me: I can unlock you whenever I want, remember? Or I could find someone else. Get locked up.

Him: Ok. I will. But… I’m really horny. What if I get hornier later? Are you sure you want this?

Me: Yup.

Him: But why? I’ll be good.

Me: Get locked up.

Him: But what if you need cock?? What then??? What If I get really horny??!!!!!!

This circular argument went on for oh, I don’t know, maybe three minutes. To the limit of my patience anyway. I had to spank him to put a stop to it! In the heat of it I forgot to reach for a paddle. It was only afterwards that I realised that my hand was sore. I honestly don’t think I hit him that hard, it’s just that I have tiny weak hands. In any case, he got locked up immediately and became an affectionate ball of human fuzzy docile loveliness. ^_^

His GP is aware of the skin issues and has offered some possible solutions, but they haven’t quite worked. I’m considering getting an alternative cage for when he has inconveniently placed flareups. Possibly a more open cage. We’ll see.

Birthday? What birthday?

Birthday? What birthday?

Mr Kitty’s birthday came and went, and so did Father’s Day. I thought Father’s Day would be almost irrelevant to a man with no children, beyond sending a card to his father, but I was wrong. My lovely kittyslave was in a weird mood throughout the day because he wanted to join in the fun. He even said something along the lines of “in 10 years’ time we’ll have seven year-olds who will fuss over me and give me a breakfast fry and…” etc etc. He seems to have a plan, and it seems to involve twins… or triplets! These days, when he’s sinking deeper into chastity mode he becomes a real softie and begins to feel broody (can a man be broody?). It’s cute and it goes away after a while, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry this time. So I’ve instituted the birthweek. It’s not my kitty’s birthday, but his birthweek. That seemed to cheer him up, thankfully.

Apart from the usual gift giving, I’ve been using his birthweek to remind him of how to be good again — all in the name of making him happy, of course. I swear it’s not because he’s amazing at giving me pleasure when he’s happily and squirmingly locked up. I’ve been quite generous: I even gave him a choice of activities for his birthweek. I gave him two choices and one demand.

His choices: either he lets me lovingly fuck his little ass and then we switch and he uses a strap-on on me; or he gets to have proper sex, with his little cock in me and everything, while I use a dildo on him. Alas, my body will be doing the girl thing soon and that’s a hard limit for him, so whichever option he chooses won’t happen till next week.

My demand: there’s this ginormous butt plug in his drawer that he insists he has never been able to fit inside him. I want to be the one who gently guides it in, even if it won’t fit, just to see. To see what? I don’t know. I don’t expect it to go in fully, but when he mentioned this butt plug he seemed so cutely awkward and self-conscious about it, about failing to get it in, and about buying such a massive thing in the first place, that I wanted to take part in this. And that is happening tomorrow. I’ve been preparing him by going up the plug sizes as usual. Watching Better Call Saul is a lot more fun when there’s a man lying across my lap, softly moaning as I lightly play with his plugged ass. ^_^

On Father’s Day I was working and, as I walked away from a table of older people I’d just served, I heard one of the women saying: “awwww bless!”. I don’t know if she thought I was very young or very cute. It made me smile though. This elderly woman thought I was sweet and innocent with my waitress uniform and my customer service smile, while at home I had a plugged and locked up man, cleaning the house and making it ready for when I returned.

I think he is getting back to his submissive slavey self. We had a talk about needs and expectations because he had gotten into the habit of saying he was all submissive and wanting to get back into the swing of things, and then making up excuses in the last minute. I guess that’s what happens when I’m too busy to manage him properly. We will be making a conscious effort to avoid that issue in the future. But for now, I really must find the bigger bottle of lube.

Recovery, chastity and hospitals

Recovery, chastity and hospitals

While I recover from my exams, Mr Kitty is recovering from a hospital procedure. Nothing major, just a quick endoscopy. His recovery is more psychological than physical. First, he went from not being scared of the procedure at all to dreading it (my fault. He seemed so chill that I accidentally mentioned what some of my older friends have said about getting it done). Then he was shaken by the fact that the sedative used in the endoscopy didn’t work, as the hospital used the same stuff that is already part of his usual medication. Not a huge deal, but he said it was very unpleasant. Finally, when I picked him up from the hospital, he was required to go from this:free penis

to this:

locked up penis

That was two days ago. It took a lot of effort on my part to get him back into his cage. Effort that shouldn’t have been necessary. In fairness to him, he did eventually give me a lot of fun when I needed de-stressing towards the end of the exam period, but that doesn’t justify his disobedience in following my orders. I know he was having an internal struggle between wanting to be free, with an accessible cock, and wanting to be controlled by me and submissive to me. He would talk at length about sexy things he’d like to do for me, wanting to offer himself up to me, but as soon as I pointed out that he doesn’t get in that selfless mood unless he’s locked up, he would bring up all sorts of excuses. “I was gonna get locked up after our walk”. “I wanted to shave before putting the device on”. Eventually he admitted: “I’ve run out of excuses”.

At the moment he is wearing his chastity device with an anal plug attachment, which I’ll let him remove when I feel like it. I’m stricter with him than usual. I will continue to be until he goes back to following my orders without needing to defy or struggle against them. He wants to be good, he’s just out of practice. I will give him enough homework to practice.

Punishment and success

Punishment and success

I’ve been a bad keyholder this week. I had a massive assignment due this week, plus project work, plus studying for my exams, plus work work, and then I got a sore throat and my body decided to do the girly thing. Ugh. I’ve been getting horrific mood swings. I don’t think I’m very fun to be around at the moment, and I really question how Mr Kitty can put up with me. Though sexual frustration and wetness aside, he seems to be happy enough.


He has been so frustrated and submissive it’s almost painful to watch. Almost, except for when he can’t stop worshipping my body. Ok, it’s actually kinda nice. But I was feeling ever so slightly sorry for him because I’m way too busy to do anything sexy at the moment, so I told him he was allowed to use toys. Now the question is: should we count anal orgasms in his tally for the year? I’m leaning towards letting them go uncounted, since they don’t seem to relieve his sexual frustration anyway. Even after getting one of those, he’s still randomly stopping me to suck on my nipples, kiss my belly or caress my ass. He says those orgasms are nice while they’re happening, but once they’re over, he remembers that he is still locked up without access to his cock. Apparently, that makes anal orgasms evil. Locked-up guy logic.

He asked a few times when he will be unlocked. At first, I let him know that realistically, it will probably be after my exams when I’ll consider letting him go free. He thought an early June release is insanely harsh but he didn’t complain. After a while he brought it up again, and again, and it got very annoying. I ended up having to spank him to help him fall back into good behaviour (he’s not allowed to beg for freedom). I only hit him five times with a paddle, but I hit him quite hard, possibly too hard. His ass turned red straight away. I asked him, on a scale of 0 to 10, how painful the spanks were. He gave them a 10. I asked him again, because I wanted a truthful answer. He changed it to a 5, but only “if 10 is death by spanking”. I guess in real terms it would be about an 8. Such a brief spanking, but such a great effect! He became malleable and compliant, and not at all annoying. We stayed in bed together while I gave him rubs and cuddles and he rubbed his locked up cock on me, in that cute little frustrated way of his. He commented on how he had a stingy ass, an asshole with that “freshly fucked” feeling, and a very attempted hard little cock, leaking precum. Meanwhile, he squirmed and groped me.

For the past few days he has been texting with a man from this area who is also in chastity. I don’t know any details but I wonder how many people in this town have tried chastity. We live in one of those places where everything looks leafy and idyllic in that old classic British way (Hot Fuzz anyone?), but as soon as you delve deeper you start to find that there’s a strong tendency towards kink, more than in other cities in which I’ve lived. It’s a funny place.

My mother really enjoyed her visit. She came with a friend and they mostly did their own thing. In fact, she was a thousand times better than I expected. No bad comments, no suspicious looks. She raved about how lovely Mr Kitty was towards her, how great our town is, how nice and clean we keep our house and even how well behaved our cat is. Yay! I feel like she’s finally forgotten all her weird internalised issues with us. Phew.

He caved. I caved.

He caved. I caved.

You know the way a man can be so horny that only a butt plug and a chastity device will satisfy his horniness? No? No one? Yeah, I didn’t think that was a thing either. But apparently it is! At least that’s what Mr Kitty did.

I don’t quite understand how that works though. He’s unlocked. He’s not allowed to wank because I say so, but neither is he allowed to use toys without previous permission from me. He says I was asleep at the time so he felt it was alright to break that rule and apologise later. While I don’t like that attitude, I do think it’s very weird that he went for the butt plug and not for a proper wank. If you’re gonna break rules, you might as well go with the more effective option, right?

Wrong, apparently.

Not only did he choose the butt plug over simply wanking, but he also got locked up. He says he wanted to check whether the ring of the device would still hurt his skin, in case it has healed enough for me to lock him back up. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. As if he wouldn’t use any excuse to get back out of the device in the beginning of a new locking term! After much prodding, he admitted that he wasn’t just horny: he was feeling extremely submissive. He wanted to be locked up and watch me have fun with a bunch of guys, and he wanted to suck cock, and be fucked in the ass by me with a strap on dildo, and he wanted to give me loads of pleasure with his tongue, and his list went on and on…

We were in bed as he confessed that he’d used a butt plug without permission. One thing led to another and soon we were having sex. Was it a ruse?!

For some reason his penis felt even better than usual, and I couldn’t stop moaning. I think it’s because he’s not clean shaven in his pubic area like when he’s locked up, but has a bit of very soft stubble (his body hair is extremely fine and soft). It seemed to be lightly touching my clit and making everything feel soooo good. Anyway, it was quick and passionate and after my second orgasm he also came. In the heat of the moment I forgot to tell him that I didn’t want him to cum. In fact, I only thought about that later, when I’d recovered completely from the third and final orgasm, this time produced through clit stimulation and boob sucking.

I feel like I need to punish him for using a butt plug. The fact that he tried on the chastity device doesn’t bother me. But he also resisted wanking, which I find very impressive because I know I wouldn’t be as strong if I were in his position. One negative, one neutral and one positive point. Ah, whatever. Punishment it is.


Keeping his bits nicely shaven makes things easier for him in terms of cleanliness and comfort. I’ve never had an opinion on men’s pubic hair as long as it wasn’t excessive, and only required him to be shaved because it adds a layer of submission. Maybe I should keep him trimmed, rather than shaved, in some strategic places for maximum clit happiness.

The day he embraced anal play

The day he embraced anal play

We’re officially at that stage of our relationship. No, no one is saying the D word yet (those who watch Last Man On Earth will know what I’m talking about). But he did say “I’m full of pee”.


For all my openness in sex, and my perfect ability to completely ignore societal boundaries, I can’t deal with crude forms of humour involving bodily functions. I could walk down the street naked if I had to, without giving it a second thought (the neighbours across the road would call the police, but I would feel no shame)… but I don’t want to think of other people in certain ways involving certain functions.

I’m not even squeamish.

Mr Kitty is squeamish. He won’t ever admit it, but he is. He will not, for example, have sex if I’m on my period. I won’t force the issue because I’d rather not put him off sex forever, and because I find it quite amusing that he chooses the option of having an anal attachment in his chastity device during my time of the month, over the option of having sex with me. Crazy, huh? He’s lucky I haven’t yet tried to change his mind. One day I might, if I feel like it. There’s a precedent too!

When I first met Mr Kitty, he was terrified of the possibility of ever having to participate in anal play. He considered himself as straight as you can get, and was adamant that anal play would never be something he could ever, ever try, let alone enjoy. I have met several other men with the same issue. Some, like Mr Kitty, eventually changed their minds. Most never attempted it. Obviously, Mr Kitty had an advantage in that he was very open-minded, enough that our chastity game was already in full swing. But he still refused to try it every time I suggested it.

I’m not one to force people outside their comfort zone. I prefer to encourage them once they are ready, and he clearly wasn’t ready. To me, it seemed strange that a person who would try so many other activities would have such an issue with this one. At the time, I didn’t think it was due to any insecurity on his part. Squeamishness, perhaps. Looking back, I think his reluctance was caused by sexual insecurity, just as with many of the men I have met with this issue. He insisted that there was no insecurity on his part, but I honestly think there was.

I wanted to solve the issue. I wanted to be able to do some of the things that I couldn’t do due to his reluctance, so I decided to try to find a good way to convince him. I realised that he felt so negatively towards anal play that any real pressure to just do it would cause even more severe negativity. For all I knew, he might never try again, and I really wanted to avoid that. The method had to be positive and so mind-blowing that he would want to do it again and again. It also had to evoke strong submissive feelings. My aim was to cause a double impact, affecting both the physical and the emotional spheres. The only way to do this was, of course, an anal orgasm.

I didn’t think he would simply use a toy in his ass, just like that, and I definitely didn’t expect him to get an orgasm from it. Instead, I told him that he would be unlocked and allowed to wank… but only with a toy in his ass. If I remember correctly, this was met with a lot of complaining. I tried to make him see that if he were to try some prostate stimulation while wanking, he’d get so much pleasure that he’d wonder why he hadn’t tried it earlier. He was still hesitant. So I reminded him of his bucket list.

Now, the bucket list is a list that I have never seen. I’m not convinced it has ever existed in written form. It was a bunch of sexual things a teenage Mr Kitty thought he’d like to try one day, even though deep down he knew he wouldn’t. All sorts of crazy things are purported to have been on this list. While no evidence of its existence has ever been found, it’s exactly the sort of thing I imagine him writing out. Mr Kitty likes to be adventurous even when sometimes it can make him uncomfortable.

After much persuasion, he decided that he would try it, but only because it was what I wanted. Even when I’m not giving orders he still tries to do what I want! So he took a smallish vibrator and used it in his ass while he masturbated.

I wish I remembered his words after he came, but it’s been a few years and my memory isn’t that great. I do remember that he was amazed at the intensity of the orgasm. So much so that the next few times any prostate massage happened, it was carried out by me. At first I let him masturbate while I did the anal bit. Then I started giving him handjobs. Finally, it was anal toys without any penile masturbation. The squeamishness about it was gone, and so was the insecurity. He knew he could still consider himself straight (hah!) whether he liked his prostate played with or not.

My plan had worked! And very well too! So well, that now he’s looking forward to meeting the other guy again. I’ve decided that he’ll be getting a nice piece of cock inside him soon. I bet he’ll enjoy it.

Pimpin’ Mr Kitty

Pimpin’ Mr Kitty

After our discussion about encouraging bisexual encounters, I’ve thought long and hard about the most appropriate way to proceed, as I prefer to have a framework to ensure that the needs of both of us are met. I considered two possible approaches:

  1. Change the contract to enforce scheduled bisexual encounters, whether it be on a predefined interval plan or as a consequence of certain actions.
  2. Use my authority to encourage him ad-hoc, whenever I feel like the encounters should be required.

As far as I can see, both of these approaches present advantages and disadvantages. I have a real issue with not being in full control of our little game. Yes, I am a control freak… which means that Option 1 may not work because I’m likely to feel too restricted by it if I have to follow it for any length of time. On the other hand, it would require much less direct involvement than the approach where I’d decide when I felt like having him meet some guy, which could be useful in certain circumstances. 

I have decided, after much consideration, that I will adopt a hybrid system. I still have to iron out details but I’m hoping it will work like this:

  • Article 25 of the contract definitely needs to be relaxed. It will be rephrased to accommodate the new system, once Mr Kitty and I decide on a new wording that pleases both of us.
  • Whenever I’m able, I will take the ad-hoc approach (Option 2, above), but allowing Mr Kitty to remind me if I don’t actively press him to do it in a long time, so that I can’t become lazy or simply forget, resulting in his needs not being met. How long is a long time will have to be decided together, although it will only be a reminder, and I don’t need to act on it if I don’t want to.
  • For times when I’m too busy to keep up with the ‘encouragement’ plan, I will revert to an interval or consequence of actions approach (Option 1, above), with prior notification and consent from Mr Kitty. (After all, he’s the one who’ll be getting ass fucked, not me!) Ideally, this option will only be followed for a maximum time which must still be decided, but I’d be worried if it ends up being more than a couple of months, at the very most. We will then go back to the previous approach as soon as possible.

I still have to tell Mr Kitty the new terms for his request. Hopefully he’s fine with them. If he’s not… well, he’s not the one that decides, is he? I will involve him in the details because it’s only fair, but the broad strokes of my little framework will be implemented as stated. I’m sure it’s all that he was hoping for. 😉

Despite the fact that we have not yet discussed this in full, we already have a candidate to help things along. We will be meeting him this week for a bit of initial fun, just to make sure that he is what we are looking for. We needed someone who is bisexual because I refuse to be left out if I want to participate, but he also needed to be fine with meeting Mr Kitty on his own, when the situation arises. So far this guy appears to be what we need, but we’ll see how it goes.

Consequences II

Consequences II

Saturday was as fun as I expected it to be.

Kittyslave got what he deserved. I decided not to make him crawl around the house while on a leash, because he’s been very good with his tongue service. Yesterday was no exception. I’m so proud of him!

I meant to take a couple of pictures but I got a bit too into it, so I completely forgot to do it. I used a pinkish purple dildo on a strap on harness. It wasn’t a very large dildo because Mr Kitty has spent the last few days being extra nice, and making a huge effort to keep me satisfied with his behaviour. I suspect that he was scared of what I might do. He said that reading about it here, as opposed to hearing it straight from me, made things sound a lot scarier!

I made him wear a butt plug of his choice for the day. To my surprise, he chose a really cute one.


The purpose of the butt plug is to keep him in check for the day. I have a thing for groping his ass when I feel like it, and the butt plug adds another dimension to that. But even better, it removes a lot of the initial prep work required when I fuck him with a strap on. Plus it prepares him better for when I feel like going extra hard, as I did last night. He deserved it.

I was very nice in letting him fuck me as well, using a dildo of course (this was supposed to be punishment, after all). He also got a bit of spanking and a paddle warning for leaving a drawer open for too long. My slave still has some behavioural challenges to overcome, one of which is his inability to close drawers after opening them. But I’m sure it will all be fixed over time.

After the punishment was done, we cuddled in bed for ages and talked about all kinds of things. Mr Kitty was in some sort of afterglow and looked so happy that I couldn’t help but feel happy too! Until I got horny again, that is. Then he sucked on my nipples while I used my fingers. I really love it when he does that, to the point that if I ever decide to have children, things are going to be weird. But then, if that ever happens, we’ll have to remove all the random sex toys that end up scattered around the house anyway.


At this point in my life, it feels like everything is perpetually on the brink of changing again. We got engaged a few months ago, prompting everyone to ask when exactly is the wedding (very long from now!). We recently moved countries, but briefly considered moving back. We’re both in the middle of significant career changes… Sometimes I feel like if I didn’t have such a strong connection with Mr Kitty, I wouldn’t be able to cope with it all.

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